TOP 10 Stock Quote Plugins for WordPress

Stock Quote Plugins for WordPress Forex Website

Here are the Forex quote plugins for your WordPress website that you can install: currency quotes, Forex news, economic calendar, quote ticker, cryptocurrency widget, and other financial widgets.

As a Forex project owner, it is beneficial to have financial analytics on your website. By placing a financial widget with currency quotes or stock market news on your website, you can increase traffic and attract more free leads from search engines.

There are three options to integrate a Forex widget on your website:

  1. Develop a custom financial widget with stock quotes on your own.
  2. Install a plugin with stock quotes on your WordPress website.
  3. Install the TradingView quote widget on your website.

The first option is not suitable for us. Developing a custom financial widget with stock quotes would require spending thousands of dollars on programmers. It is unnecessary when you can use ready-made financial widgets that are easily available for free on the internet. For complex Forex projects, it is worth considering this option as they usually have a development team and can create a widget that perfectly suits their business. However, as a novice in the Forex business, such expenses are unnecessary (save money for purchasing a trading platform).

That leaves us with two options to integrate stock quotes on the website: installing a Forex plugin for WordPress or using ready-made widgets from TradingView (they have excellent currency and stock charts). We will choose the first option because installing a ready-made TradingView widget on the website is not difficult, and many people are already familiar with this method.

Next, we will discuss the best plugins with stock quotes for WordPress websites that will provide your Forex project with up-to-date data from stock and currency markets worldwide. The list includes both free and paid WordPress plugins.

1. Financial Pack PRO — a professional Forex plugin with stock quotes

Форекс-плагин биржевых котировок для WordPress - Financial Pack

First and foremost, let’s take a look at Financial Pack PRO by BetterStudio. This Forex plugin will integrate stock quotes and financial news from hundreds of sources (stock markets and cryptocurrency exchanges) into your website.

Financial Pack PRO is undoubtedly useful for all Forex website owners as the plugin not only offers quality exchange rates but also provides the ability to fully customize the Forex widget. The plugin includes over 100 interface settings. You can display the financial widget on your website using shortcodes or by adding it to the sidebar. Additionally, you can customize price tables, scrolling quote tickers, news banners, and much more.


An added advantage of this Forex plugin is the ability to choose the language version of the financial widget. The Financial Pack PRO plugin is translated into multiple languages and supports different text and chart orientations. This is important if your Forex project is visited by clients from Arabic countries where information is read from right to left.

The plugin also allows you to display a currency converter on your website and has a separate setting to switch the widget’s interface and chart appearance to a dark color scheme.

The Financial Pack PRO plugin is priced at $49.

2. Stockdio Overview — a free Forex quote plugin

Форекс-плагин биржевых котировок для WordPress - Stock Market Overview

Stockdio Overview is a free WordPress plugin that integrates financial analytics from over 60 stock markets into your website. It offers a wide range of technical and fundamental analysis indicators. The plugin allows you to customize the default appearance of the widget, giving users access to the control elements you choose to include.

Stock Market Overview

Stockdio Overview updates the quotes in the widget in real-time without delays. The financial instrument charts are interactive, and the widget’s appearance can be easily customized without requiring any special knowledge. The plugin also supports automatic translation into different languages, which is useful if your Forex project is multilingual.

3. Premium Stock & Forex Market — a Forex plugin with high-quality analytics for traders

Форекс-плагин биржевых котировок для WordPress - Stock Market News-1

The Premium Stock & Forex Market plugin integrates stock market news and real-time currency quotes into your website. The plugin can display historical quotes for several years and provides market capitalization statistics, including share counts, dividend rates, and other important financial indicators. You can add news feeds from various sources to your website. In addition to stock market shares, the Forex plugin shows analytics for stock funds, commodity futures, cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, and even US Treasury bonds.

The settings of the Premium Stock & Forex Market plugin are extensive. You can customize the widget’s interface (buttons, frames, background, widget size, etc.), financial instrument charts, news, quote history tables, and other widget functionalities. These fine-tuning options will allow you to adjust the appearance of the financial widget to match the web design of your Forex project. The widget looks great on desktop browsers, smartphones, and tablets.

Stock Quotes List

Unfortunately, the Premium Stock & Forex Market plugin is not available for free. It requires a payment of $50. To install the widget on your Forex website, you can use shortcodes or add the widget to the sidebar or footer.


4. Stock & Forex Market Charts — a Forex plugin with beautiful charts

Форекс-плагин биржевых котировок для WordPress - Stock Market & Forex Charts _ WordPress Plugin

If you need a wide range of beautiful charts for financial instruments and real-time quotes, consider the Stock & Forex Market Charts plugin. It offers numerous customization options, allowing you to change chart styles, lines, candlesticks, prices, instrument information, and more. The Forex plugin covers standard quote packages, including stocks, currencies, indices, commodity futures, and cryptocurrencies.

Please note that the stock quotes in the Stock & Forex Market Charts plugin are updated with a 25-minute delay. If your website attracts many active traders who engage in daily market trading, it is better to choose a different Forex plugin for WordPress or opt for a ready-made financial widget like TradingView.

Stock Market Charts

The Stock & Forex Market Charts plugin can be purchased for $25, but the final cost depends on the selected features.

5. Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets — a simple Forex quote informer

Форекс-плагин биржевых котировок для WordPress - Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets

The Massive Stock Market plugin is not cheap, priced at $50. However, if you need a reliable source of financial analytics for your website, it is worth investing in this plugin.

This is a simple WordPress Forex plugin that is relatively easy to integrate into your website. The plugin is fully customizable, allowing you to modify the appearance of the financial informer, content of the news feed, or scrolling quote ticker.

Massive Stock & Forex Widgets For WordPress

6. Stock & Forex Markets — a Forex widget with heat map visualization

Форекс-плагин биржевых котировок для WordPress - Stock Market & Forex Heat Maps

The Stock & Forex Markets plugin is considered one of the best plugins suitable for Forex websites. Many webmasters appreciate this plugin for its unique visualization of market data, displaying financial market situations as heat maps. Different countries are marked with different colors on a world map, indicating whether their stock market or national currency exchange rate is rising or falling against the US dollar.

Stock & Forex Markets works seamlessly on most popular desktop and mobile browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and others. The Forex quote plugin can only be activated for a single WordPress website. If you plan to integrate the financial analytics widget into multiple web projects, you will need to purchase the extended version of the Forex plugin.

Stock Market & Forex Heat Maps - WordPress Plugin

7. Stock Market News — a Forex quote plugin with support for over 60 currency exchanges

Форекс-плагин биржевых котировок для WordPress - Stock Market News

The Stock Market News plugin supports over 60 currency exchanges and an equal number of stock markets. In addition to the news feed, it offers financial instrument charts and detailed reviews of global economic events. It also includes a currency and stock quote widget. Currency and stock market news can be sorted by topic, and you have the option to disable certain news sources if desired.

Stock Market News

The Stock Market News feed complements well with other financial widgets, so consider enhancing your analytics by installing multiple Forex plugins on your website.

8. Stock Quotes List — a minimalist-style Forex widget

Форекс-плагин биржевых котировок для WordPress - Stock Market News-1

The Stock Quotes List plugin displays stock quotes from over 65 stock markets on your website. You can customize the ticker for financial instruments, change the appearance of charts and price tables. The good news is that this Forex plugin can be installed completely free of charge.

Биржевые котировки для сайта wordpress

9. Stock Market Ticker — a regular ticker widget for market prices

Форекс-плагин биржевых котировок для WordPress - Stock Market Ticker

With the Stock Market Ticker plugin, you can add a market price ticker to your website, displaying prices for stocks, indices, currencies, and futures. The stock market ticker supports over 65 stock exchanges and a vast range of market indices, currency pairs, and CFD futures.

Stock Market Ticker - обычный виджет биржевых цен

10. Stock Ticker — a market informer for currencies and stocks

Форекс-плагин биржевых котировок для WordPress - Stock Market Ticker-1

This simple and easily customizable Forex quote plugin for WordPress adds a market informer to your website, displaying prices for stocks, currencies, metals, indices, cryptocurrencies, and other financial instruments.

Just like with the other plugins, you can modify the appearance and texts of the Stock Ticker Forex widget directly in the plugin settings.

Stock Ticker

How to complement Forex plugins for WordPress

If you decide to create a Forex website on your own, besides plugins, it is advisable to utilize other features offered by the WordPress CMS.

For example, install a WordPress theme related to finance on your website. This will make it easy to showcase trading-related content on your site. Keep in mind that such themes are specifically designed for broker companies and banks, giving your Forex website a modern style similar to many large financial companies.

Another characteristic feature of Forex websites is the presence of a currency converter. Traders often calculate currency differences to determine the favorable exchange rates. Therefore, attract their attention by installing one of the popular Forex converters on your website.

Popular currency converter plugins for WordPress:

  • Exchange Rate Table: a table displaying exchange rates for over 200 currency pairs.
  • CurrencyConverter: a converter showing rates for over 170 world currencies. Rates update once per hour, and you can choose a quote provider.
  • WP Universal Exchange Informer: displays exchange rates from banks in different countries.

It is also recommended to add at least 2-3 charts of financial instruments to your Forex website. Visual presentation of information is better perceived by traders than simple currency rates, making online chart widgets highly demanded. In this regard, you can benefit from the free WP TradingView plugin, which allows you to embed TradingView charts on your website without any programming knowledge.

What is a stock quotes plugin?

The Stock Quotes plugin is a software that allows you to track stock quotes in real time directly on your website or in the application. These plugins usually receive data from stock exchange sources and display it in the form of tables, graphs or news feeds.

Some popular features of stock quotation plugins include:

  • Displaying the latest prices, price changes and percentages
  • Creating charts and price history charts
  • Tracking multiple assets at the same time
  • Setting up price movement alerts
  • Conducting research and market analysis

Stock quote plugins can be useful for traders, investors and anyone who wants to follow the markets.

Here are some examples of using stock quotation plugins:

  • Traders can use them to track the prices of stocks they want to buy or sell.
  • Investors can use them to track their investments and overall market performance.
  • Financial advisors can use them to provide their clients with information about the markets.
  • Businessmen can use them to track the prices of goods or services related to their business.

There are many different stock quote plugins available, both free and paid.


The Forex plugins we have discussed in this article are among the best. Before downloading or purchasing a plugin, make sure to check the number of downloads and reviews. Users who have already installed Forex quote plugins often leave positive or negative reviews to draw the developer’s attention. Current reviews will help you make the right choice and select the perfect set of plugins for your Forex website.

Considering the growing popularity of the Forex market, it’s not surprising that a good trading website in this field requires quality analytics in the form of financial news, currency quotes, charts, and more. Try installing some of the Forex quote plugins we have mentioned. If you come across another plugin that you believe deserves to be included in our article, feel free to share it in the comments.

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