Services for Forex brokers: website development, technical support of websites, maintenance of social networks

Services for Forex brokers from $50

Development of forex websites, technical support, creation and maintenance of social networks of brokerage companies.

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Website services

Creation of websites and support

  • Broker Website Development $1500

    We specialize in creating websites for brokers and investment companies. It can be a promo page, landing page, or corporate website. The development time is around 5 days, but we can expedite it upon request to our team lead.

  • Website Support $250/month

    This service includes technical support and content updates for your website. Non-standard tasks are billed separately (e.g., integration with email marketing).

  • Multilingual Website Version $500

    We can install an additional language version on your website, such as English or Chinese. The texts will be translated by a professional translator, and our developer will integrate the translation into the website.

Other Services

  • Website Installation $250

    Installation of the website on hosting, VPS, or server. A website backup will be required.

  • Content Updates $50

    We will modify texts, links, and images, and add documents to your website.

  • Forex Blog Content $250

    Free of charge when paying for site support.

  • Website Content $200

    We will write compelling content for the broker website, carefully plan the menu, footer, and structure of secondary pages on the website.

Social network

High-quality leads for Forex are expensive. But there is a way to get such leads constantly and at a reduced price — we will create social media accounts for you and fill them with content.

Creation of social networks for a forex company

What is included in the service: creation and registration of company accounts in social networks, publication of up to 40 posts, attracting the first subscribers and views, publishing posts. Facebook Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram, VKontakte and others are available social networks.


  • Cost $1900

    Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Telegram account creation and registration of a forex company. Maintaining social networks - 1 month for free (Standard Plan, two posts twice a week).

Maintaining social networks of a forex company

We will regularly publish posts on the company’s social networks: financial news, the exchange rate of major currencies, the calendar of events, trading signals, advertising of the trading platform, articles on the website, broker advertising, company news and others. Design design of posts.


  • Premium Plan $990/month

    Publish three posts five times a week on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

  • Standard Plan $490/month

    Publish two posts twice a week on one social media platform.

We Pay Partners 20% of the Deal

We invite organizations and individuals to collaborate with us. Refer a client who needs a broker website to us, and you will receive a 20% commission from the deal. The commission will be paid to you immediately after the client’s payment.

Trading Website maintaining social networks of a forex company

Why do forex companies need social networks?

The popularity of a broker on social networks increases trust in the broker. You can direct advertising traffic to social networks and do without a website. Social networks contain advertisements for the broker’s trading platform. Visitors learn about the company from there, download the desktop terminal, mobile application, and switch to the web terminal.

Hosting for Broker Website

We will host your broker website on stable hardware, such as hosting, VPS, or a dedicated server, located in a secure data center in Europe, the United States, or Asia. This ensures reliable and secure hosting for your website.

TradingWebsite hosting for a forex broker's forex website
TradingWebsite technical support for forex broker's websites

Broker Website Support

Trust your website to a team of professionals. TradingWebsite experts will update the content, integrate new widgets, and fix technical errors on the website before the clients notice them.

Questions and Answers

Ask a question to our team lead and receive a response within a few minutes.

Certainly. Send the access details to our team lead and let us know what content needs to be updated. We’ll make the changes on the same day.

For a standard landing page or a promotional page advertising a trading platform or broker services, we can typically complete the development within 7-14 days. Such websites are relatively easier to create as they contain minimal content. Corporate broker websites, on the other hand, take more time. On average, it takes us around 20 days to develop a multi-page website focused on trading topics. Additionally, we undertake the development of large-scale web projects aimed at attracting a significant number of users. These projects feature complex page structures and premium-class unique designs. Creating such large web projects at TradingWebsite takes around 4 months or more.

The translation of a website and the integration of a new language version usually take a few days. The timeframe depends on the number of pages on the website and the complexity of the web design. For example, adding a new language to a landing page may take around 3 days, while for a corporate website, it may take approximately 10 days.

You can view examples of our recent work on the Forex Website Examples page. The TradingWebsite team has developed over 300 forex websites since 2015. If you need more examples, please reach out to our team lead.

Provide us with access to your website and let us know about any SEO issues you have identified. We will conduct a website audit and provide you with the cost of the work. The audit usually takes 1-3 business days.

Creating websites for Forex brokers​

We have been creating websites for brokerage companies since 2015.

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