How to Get Forex Leads in 2024

How to Get Forex Leads Forex Website

Trading platform is undoubtedly crucial for the forex business, but the main question that a forex broker needs to answer is how to generate hot leads for Forex. The simplest way is to create a forex website and drive lead traffic to it. Instead of a website, social media or a landing page can also be utilized. But what other methods exist for attracting clients to Forex? Let’s discuss them in detail in the article.

How Brokers Can Generate FOREX Leads Top 5 Methods

1. Landing Page — a simple tool for collecting hot forex leads

Develop a landing page with information about trading on financial markets. Landing pages dedicated to free trading education and webinars tend to attract the most hot forex leads. In addition to trading and promotional information, the content of the forex landing page should include details about the broker company. Potential clients should be convinced that they are on the website of a real forex broker, allowing you to gather more leads.

Add a form to the landing page for collecting contact information. Place the form at the top of the landing page and at the bottom near the footer. You can use pop-up pop-ups to increase lead conversion for forex.

Once the landing page is ready, connect it to contextual advertising to attract traffic. Different countries have restrictions on displaying ads related to forex trading, so make sure that the content of your landing page complies with the advertising rules for forex services in your region. If you receive a rejection from the contextual advertising service, try excluding words related to forex from the content of the landing page.

Example of a landing page to attract forex leads:

Landing Page for Forex Website Capture Forex Leads

We also recommend integrating the contact form with the broker’s CRM system. This will allow your company to automatically replenish the forex client database and eliminate the risk of losing client contacts. If possible, implement trader account registration directly on the landing page. This will shorten the customer’s path in the sales funnel, and the number of opened accounts on the trading server should increase.

5 Tips for Creating a Forex Landing Page:

  1. Call-to-Action (CTA): Use a bright and clear CTA on the landing page, prompting visitors to take the desired action, such as «Register Now» or «Get Free Access.»
  2. Contact Data Collection Form: Create a simple form to collect customer contact information, limiting it to the minimal necessary details, such as name and email.
  3. Build Trust with Traders: Highlight important information about the safety and regulation of the trading platform to convince potential customers to trust you.
  4. Informative Images and Videos: Add high-quality images and videos to the forex landing page, showcasing the advantages of trading on your platform.
  5. Responsive Design: Ensure that your landing page is adapted for various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

2. Social Media — Increase Forex Leads by 2-4 Times

Firstly, create accounts on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Telegram, and others. To attract traders on social media, publish trading tips, financial market analysis, discuss important economic news, latest trends, and research. Don’t forget about entertaining content that garners the most views: success and failure stories of well-known investors, trading-related memes, funny videos, etc.

Example of Admirals broker’s Telegram account:

Social Media Increase Forex Leads by 2 4 Times

Secondly, start investing in sponsored posts with bloggers and communities dedicated to Forex trading. This can be expensive, but such advertising is highly effective, enabling your company to acquire forex traffic within a short period. If you lack internal resources, hire a freelance marketer whose task will be to oversee your social media marketing strategies.

Redirect the traffic from social media to the trading platform, trader’s account, or the main broker website, where potential clients can learn about the company’s services and make use of market analytics.

Trader blogger’s account on Facebook:

Trader Blogger's Account on Facebook

Thirdly, allocate a budget for targeted advertising on social media. This is even more costly than buying sponsored posts in communities, but the results are worth it. This way, you’ll receive traffic of hot forex leads, i.e., people ready to fund a trading account and start trading.

We recommend using multiple advertising channels on social media.

5 Tips on How to Attract Forex Lead Traffic Using Social Media:

  1. Create Quality Content: Develop informative and engaging posts about Forex trading, market analysis, strategies, and trading signals. Use graphics, visual elements, and video content to make your content more attractive.
  2. Respond to Subscriber Comments: Actively participate in discussions, provide useful advice, and share experiences by responding to subscriber comments.
  3. Paid Advertising: Launch targeted advertising campaigns on social platforms, tailoring them to the specific interests and characteristics of your target audience.
  4. Contests, Promotions, and Bonuses: Conduct free contests and promotions that require subscribers to provide their contact information.
  5. Collaborate with Bloggers: Partner with influencers in the finance and trading sphere. Their recommendations and reviews can attract attention and trust to your platform. Provide influencers with interesting content and attractive offers for their followers.

3. Advertising in Articles — a Quick Way to Build a Forex Client Base

Utilize services that allow you to buy articles on investment-related blogs or find such blogs independently and propose payment for advertising. Financial blogs are read by individuals who are likely interested in the opportunity to increase their income by trading currencies and stocks in the Forex market. These are hot leads that are crucial for a broker.

Here are several options: you can publish a new article on the blog or place a link leading to your forex project in an existing article. Some blog owners may agree to display an advertising banner (if agreed upon, place the banner at the top of the site or in the sidebar to gather more views from article readers).

Article for Forex traders on the website:

Article for Forex Traders on the trading Website

There is another advantage, in addition to the traffic of forex leads, that you will get by placing advertising in articles on financial websites. It is the promotion of your project in search engines. Ask the executor to insert an open link (dofollow) to your project in the article. Search engines like Google, Bing, or Yandex will index the link and improve the position of your project in search results.

5 Tips on How to Attract Forex Lead Traffic by Placing Advertising in Articles on Financial Websites:

  1. Identify Your Target Audience: Who is your ideal client? Are they beginners in forex, experienced traders, or another customer group? Advertise on financial sites that attract your target group. For example, if you are targeting beginners, choose sites with educational content; for experienced traders, choose sites with analytics and trading strategies.
  2. Create Informative and Engaging Articles: Content should be interesting and useful. It could be market analysis, reviews of trading instruments, risk management tips, etc.
  3. SEO Optimization: Optimize your articles for search queries related to forex. This will help improve the visibility of your content in search results and attract organic traffic.
  4. Catchy Headlines and Banners: Use bright and catchy headlines that will grab the readers’ attention. If you use banners, make them attractive and informative. It’s crucial to interest visitors at first glance.
  5. Lead Magnets and Bonuses: Offer readers of the article free educational materials, analytical reports, a demo account, or something else related to transitioning to your forex platform.

4. Trader Blog — Get Forex Leads for Free from Google Search

To implement this method, you will need a corporate website for the forex broker. Create a blog section on the site and start publishing articles for traders: economic news, expert forecasts, educational articles on trading, guides on using the trading terminal, market research, etc. Articles will attract traffic from search engines for which you don’t need to pay. To encourage people to register and open accounts on the trading platform, add links in each article leading to the trader’s cabinet or web terminal.

Publish at least three articles per week. Open commenting so that visitors can interact with each other and ask questions to the author.

FX OPEN broker’s blog — how to attract forex leads for forex:

FX OPEN Broker's Blog How to Attract Forex Leads for Forex

It is necessary to optimize each article for specific search queries. For example, if you want to get hot leads for trading beginners, topics like:

  • «What is forex?»
  • «How can beginners earn by trading currencies on Forex.»
  • «12 ways to increase income on Forex using indicators.»
  • and so on.

A trader blog is one of the most effective ways to attract hot leads for Forex, used by all major brokerage companies. However, it is a labor-intensive process — regularly publishing articles, optimizing content for search engines, and keeping information up-to-date. Therefore, we recommend involving professionals in this task. For over 7 years, TradingWebsite has been creating content for broker websites and promoting forex brands on the internet.

5 Tips on How to Attract Forex Lead Traffic Using a Blog on the Forex Broker’s Website:

  1. News and Analysis: Regularly publish news and analytical market reviews. This will attract the attention of traders who follow current events, considering your site a reliable source of information.
  2. Add Charts and Diagrams to Articles: This will not only make your content more attractive but also help readers better understand the information.
  3. Engage in Comments: Interact with readers in the comments section of articles. Respond to questions, discuss topics, and offer additional materials. This will create a community around your forex blog and increase trust.
  4. Case Studies and Client Success Stories: Share real success stories of your trader clients. Case studies and testimonials can inspire other traders and convince them to trade in your forex program.
  5. Regularly Update Content: Publish updates on current market events. Quickly respond to news and provide traders with fresh trading information that can impact their trading decisions.
  6. FAQ Section: Create a frequently asked questions section where you address the main questions of beginner traders. This will help novice investors quickly get the necessary information.

Offer partners rewards for each attracted customer who registers in the trader’s cabinet, funds their trading account, or achieves any other goal, such as opening their first trade. Define clear and attractive CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) rates for attracted clients.

Additionally, you can utilize a revenue-sharing affiliate program where you offer partners a percentage of the income you receive from the trading activities of their referred clients. This model implies long-term collaboration, as the partner receives compensation as the trading activity of the client increases.

Provide the choice between CPA and Revenue Share, as well as flexible payment conditions to attract more partners to your forex business.

Several tips that will be useful for attracting forex partners:

Provide partners with vibrant marketing materials such as banners, landing pages, promo codes, and other tools to capture the attention of the target audience.

Create informational products (e-books, video tutorials, etc.) for partners to use in attracting clients through their channels.

Offer training and support to partners to enhance their understanding of your products and services, enabling them to efficiently attract clients.

Conduct regular analyses of the effectiveness of affiliate programs and make strategy adjustments based on the results.

Partnership Program

Examples of affiliate programs through which a forex broker can attract traders:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Create your own affiliate program for affiliates, offering them commissions for each client who registers and funds their trading account through a unique affiliate link.
  2. Social Networks and Bloggers: Engage popular financial bloggers, analysts, or traders as your partners. Pay them a commission for each client attracted through a referral link.
  3. Educational Platforms for Traders: Collaborate with platforms that educate traders on financial markets. They can send you clients using educational webinars and training.
  4. Financial Portals and Resources: Partner with financial portals, news sites, or any other online resources related to investment. Offer them money for placing banners, articles, or other ads aimed at attracting new forex clients.
  5. Contests and Promotions: Organize contests among partners, where they can win prizes for a specific number of attracted clients or trading volume.

6. Webinars for Traders — Collect Contacts Before the Webinar

Organize webinars for traders on trading topics, inviting experienced speakers. This should be a regular event promoted through social networks, email, and the company’s blog.

Make the webinars interactive, allowing participants to ask questions to the speaker and discuss key topics with each other.

To attend the webinar, ask potential participants to provide their contact information during registration. After the webinar, send them a special offer, such as funding their trading account and receiving a welcome deposit bonus. Gather feedback and consider partnerships with other organizers to expand your audience.

Record the webinars and post them on the broker’s website.

Tips for a broker on obtaining hot forex leads using trading webinars:

  • Capture traders’ interest with webinar topics and speakers: create in-demand and engaging webinar topics (e.g., «3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Grew by 18% in 2023»). Invite experienced and recognizable speakers in the trading field to enhance the attractiveness of your events.
  • Collect feedback and use it to improve future webinars. Maintain communication with participants through email newsletters and social networks.

7. Forums — An Old but Effective Way to Attract Forex Clients

Assign employees to participate in forum discussions. Let them be experts in the trading field who can share valuable information with forum participants. This will attract the attention of potential clients.

Many forums allow you to attach a signature to your response; use this to insert a link leading to your broker’s website. This will result in increased external traffic, some of which may convert to your trading platform.

If a forum is popular among traders, contact the platform’s management and inquire about the possibility of placing advertisements in paid sections of the forum. This will attract more attention from the target audience.

Identify partners among forum participants who can help promote your forex services to their audience. Offer them rewards for every attracted client.

Monitor discussions about your company on forums and actively participate in them. Respond to questions and provide additional information to create a positive image.

Example Forex Forum:

Forum for Traders

8. Participate in Exhibitions and Conferences — Stay One Step Ahead of Competitors

If you are an international brokerage firm, actively participate in financial exhibitions and conferences such as FOREX EXPO, iFX EXPO, or others. Reserve an exhibition stand where you can showcase your forex brand and demonstrate the functionality of your trading platform.

Offer special bonuses or trading conditions for exhibition and conference participants who open an account with your company. Create interactive zones at exhibitions where potential clients can try your trading platforms in real-time, ask questions, and receive promotional materials.

Try to establish partnership relations with the event organizer, as this may improve the visibility of your forex company.

Share information about the exhibition on your forex website and publish a photo gallery.

FOREX EXPO Generate Forex Leads

Examples of well-known financial exhibitions and seminars:

  • FOREX EXPO: The largest international exhibition in the forex industry.
  • iFX EXPO: An annual event dedicated to financial services and technologies, attracting brokers, technology providers, and other market participants.
  • London Summit: An event bringing together leaders in the financial and technology industries in London to discuss key topics and trends.
  • Shanghai Forex Expo: An exhibition in Shanghai focused on forex brokers and traders from Asia.
  • Finance Magnates London Summit: An event in London focused on news and analysis of the financial industry, with the participation of key industry leaders.
  • Moscow Financial Expo: An exhibition in Moscow that brings together companies from the financial sector, including forex brokers and technology providers.
  • Asia Trading Summit: A conference covering forex trading and financial technology topics in Asia, with expert participation.
  • Berlin Affiliate Conference: A conference in Berlin focused on affiliates and partners in the financial services sector.

9. Video Content — An Advanced Way to Generate Hot Forex Leads

Attracting hot forex leads through video content is one of the most effective methods to quickly expand a broker’s client base.

Ways a broker can attract traders using video content:

  • Educational Videos: These can include tutorials on trading basics, strategies, market analysis, and more.
  • Daily/Weekly Market Reviews: Publish regular video market reviews where your analyst or trader shares their insights into the current situation in the currency or stock market.
  • Webinars and Live Streams: Organize webinars and live streams where expert traders analyze markets and answer viewer questions in real-time.
  • Interviews and Success Stories: Conduct interviews with successful traders, analysts, or other celebrities in the investment field.
  • Technical Analysis and Forecasts: Create videos about technical market analysis, provide your forecasts and recommendations.
  • Social Media Content: Post videos not only on YouTube or TikTok but also on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Broker Admiral's Video How to Acquire Leads for a Forex Broker

10. Reach Out to Former Clients — Many Brokers Forget About This, Unjustifiably

Gather information on clients who are no longer trading (this can be done through the trading platform by generating reports on account activity). Develop a special offer for these clients. For example, you can proceed as follows: if the client returns to the platform and deposits $1000, the company will credit their account with a 20% bonus of this amount. Provide sales teams with lists of non-trading clients, and let them communicate your offer.

To bring clients back to forex, you can provide them access to exclusive content such as webinars, educational materials, and analytics. This can serve as additional motivation for their return. You can also offer discounts on commissions, a preferential period for spreads, etc.

Step-by-step plan for getting leads for Forex

Identify your target audience

Who are your ideal customers? What age, gender, education, and income level are they? What are their interests and needs? Where do they spend their time online and offline?

Develop a valuable offer

What makes your company or services unique? Why should people choose you over your competitors? What problem are you solving or what need are you satisfying?

Create lead magnets

Free e-books, webinars, reports or other valuable materials that will interest your target audience and encourage them to share their contact information.

Use different marketing channels to promote your lead magnets

Create groups and social media pages where you can communicate with your target audience, share useful content and promote your lead magnets. Optimize your website and content for search engines so that people can easily find you when they search for Forex information.

Use platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to target your ads to your target audience. Create informative and useful articles, videos and other materials that will attract traffic to your site and generate leads. Collect the email addresses of potential customers and send them newsletters that will help them learn more about Forex and your company.

Qualify your leads

Not all the leads you generate will be equally valuable. TV channels will need to qualify their leads to determine which of them is the most promising for your company. This can be done by asking them questions about their interests, experiences, and investment goals.

Keep track of your results

Track which marketing channels and strategies generate the most leads and sales. Use this data to optimize your marketing efforts and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Additional tips

Chatbots can help you qualify leads and answer questions from potential customers in real time.

An affiliate program can help you attract new customers by recommending your services to other people.

Attend conferences, seminars and other events where you can communicate with potential clients and create connections.

This is a great way to give potential customers a taste of your services before they buy them.

A positive customer experience can encourage people to recommend your company to others.


Make sure that you comply with all relevant laws and regulations regarding the marketing and advertising of financial services. Do not make false or misleading statements about your services.Be transparent about your fees and commissions.

You will need to constantly experiment with new marketing channels and strategies to find what works best for your company. Remember that lead generation is an ongoing process.

Olesya Petrenko

Head of Analytics at TradingWebsite, is an expert in web development and financial market research. He writes articles for the TradingWebsite blog that simplify the understanding of complex concepts.