Buy a Forex broker’s website from $1300

Buy a Forex broker's website from $ 1300

You will receive a ready-made website. We take care of the content and technical tasks.

TradingWebsite forex website development for forex brokers

Our Prices

Select the type of forex broker website you want to receive. Use the broker’s tools to get the site up and running faster.


Landing page Forex broker website
$ 1300
  • Content for a forex website
  • Mobile Version
  • Trader analytics
  • News Widget
  • Google Analytics + Google Console
  • SEO Optimization
  • Support - 2 month


Multi-Page Forex broker website
$ 2000
  • Content for a forex website
  • Mobile Version
  • Trader analytics
  • Financial News and Blog
  • Google Analytics + Google Console
  • SEO Optimization
  • Support - 2 month

Examples of websites for forex brokers

We have created over 300 landing pages, corporate websites, promotional pages, and other web projects related to trading and investments. Take a look at some examples of forex broker websites.

What is included in the development of a forex broker's website

The cost of forex broker website development includes more 30 services: website content, financial analytics, free support, SSL certification, Google Analytics, and other services.

razrabotka mobilnaya versiya sayta brokera

1. Mobile version of the website

According to SimilarWeb research, mobile traffic accounts for 54% of all traffic worldwide. This means that the majority of internet users prefer to visit websites via mobile devices. TradingWebsite creates responsive web design for all types of forex websites.

2. Content for the forex website

The TradingWebsite team includes copywriters who have years of experience writing texts for Forex websites. Therefore, we know how to use advertising and informational texts to increase the conversion of leads on the site. We will carefully plan the structure of the pages, top menu and footer, placement of graphic elements on the page.

kontent dlya foreks sayta
podderzhka foreks sayta

3. Free Website Support

TradingWebsite’s technical specialists will update content on the forex website for one month after completion of its development. If an error occurs, we will fix it. If a document needs to be uploaded to the site, connect a widget, or perform another technical task, our specialists will do it for free.

4. Market News

A section with financial news will be created on the broker website. This will attract the attention of traders who want to stay updated on the latest events in the world.

novosti dlya brokerskogo sayta sozdanie foreks saytov
novosti kompanii sozdanie foreks saytov

5. Company News

Regular publication of news on the forex broker website increases brand trust. Here, you can post press releases, promotions, trader contests, important notifications for clients, and other informational materials.

6. Broker Blog on the Forex Website

A blog on the forex broker website is essential to attract new clients. Here’s how it works. Firstly, the blog showcases to potential clients that they are on a broker’s website where trading experts operate. Secondly, the forex blog can be used to advertise the broker’s services. Thirdly, the blog attracts organic traffic from Google for free.

blog foreks brokera sozdanie foreks saytov
kontaktnaya forma na sayte brokera sozdanie foreks saytov

7. Contact Form

We will install a contact form on the forex site so that clients can send messages to the company. Emails will be sent to your employee’s email.

8. Financial Widgets

We will integrate an economic calendar, live quotes, financial instrument charts, and other financial widgets on the broker website, which traders are accustomed to using.

finansovye vidzhety dlya sayta brokera
analitika dlya treyderov na sayte brokera

9. Trader Analytics

We will add a section on the broker forex website dedicated to trading analysis of financial markets. The available markets will include FOREX, CRYPTO, STOCKS, INDEX, and FUTURES. This section can be utilized for promoting the trading platform and other services offered by the broker.

10. Multilingual Broker Website

The broker forex website can be made multilingual, allowing for multiple language options. For example, the main version of the site will operate in English (, and an additional version will be in German ( The development cost includes only one language version, but you will be able to add a new language to the site yourself or use our paid service.

multiyazychnyy sayt dlya brokera razrabotka foreks sayta
cms wordpress sozdanie saytov dlya brokerov forex

11. WordPress CMS

According to W3Techs statistics, 43.1% of all websites worldwide are created using the WordPress CMS. Today, WordPress is the most popular platform for creating and managing websites. Therefore, we use WordPress for creating all types of websites.

12. Page Builder

You will be able to modify the forex web design of the broker’s site without the help of a developer. Open any page and update the content yourself. This can be done using the Elementor page builder (or WP Page Builder), which we will integrate into your site.

konstruktor stranits na sayte foreks brokera
gotovye stranitsy sozdanie sayta brokera foreks

13. Ready-made Pages

We will add any desired number of pages to the forex broker website with an appealing web design. We will populate the pages with content and publish them in the admin panel. The landing page can be transformed into a multi-page website, while the corporate page can be developed into a significant investment project.

14. Improved Website Loading

According to Google, in 90% of cases, users leave a site if the page takes more than 1-5 seconds to load. This means that slow websites drive away customers. To prevent that from happening, we will install special plugins on the broker website that compress images, scripts, and files.

uluchshennaya zagruzka foreks sayta sozdanie sayta brokera foreks
ssl sertifikat dlya sayta brokera foreks

15. SSL Certificate

Since 2017, Google Chrome and other browsers have been notifying users if they are using websites without a secure connection. To avoid discouraging potential clients and protect their data, we will install the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your website.

16. Protection Against Hacking

The broker website includes protection against password brute-forcing. The system will automatically block a user if they attempt to log into the site’s admin panel using an incorrect password.

zaschita foreks sayta ot vzloma parolya sozdanie sayta brokera foreks
yuridicheskie dokumenty dlya sayta brokera foreks

17. Legal Documents

We will upload the legal documents of the broker company to the website, including the Client Agreement, Privacy Policy, AML Policy, Terms of Use, Risk Disclosure, License, and other relevant documents.

18. Automatic Website Backup

We will set up regular website backups. In case of a critical failure, your website can be restored.

avtomaticheskiy bekap sayta brokera foreks
antivirus dlya sayta brokera foreks

19. Website Antivirus

Automatic scanning of the broker website for viruses will prevent unauthorized access by malware to the website’s files and database.

20. Domain and Hosting Setup

Please provide our specialists with access to the domain and hosting so that we can set up an optimal environment for the broker website to function effectively. We will handle all the necessary tasks: redirecting the domain to the IP address, creating a website folder and a database, testing the connection, and contacting the hosting support if any issues arise.

nastroyka domena i hostinga dlya sayta brokera foreks
nastroyka admin paneli dlya sayta brokera foreks

21. Admin Panel Configuration

We will configure the basic settings of the WordPress admin panel, create a navigation menu, and add users.

22. Page Redirection

The automatic page redirection feature allows users to be automatically redirected to the new URL of a removed page. This ensures that users stay on the forex site and gain access to the relevant information they are looking for.

pereadresatsiya stranits dlya sayta brokera foreks
instruktsiya dlya upravleniya saytom foreks brokera dlya administratora

23. Broker Website Management Guide for Administrators

We will provide a guide for your technical specialist to understand how to manage the website. We will also be available to answer any questions through chat if further information is needed regarding website maintenance.

24. Google Services

We will integrate the following Google services into the broker’s website: 1) Google Analytics — provides information about website traffic and user behavior; 2) Google Console — helps optimize website indexing, tracks Google search rankings, and detects website issues.

servisy google dlya brokerskogo sayta
seo optimizatsiya sayta brokerskogo

25. SEO Optimization

We will create an XML sitemap and robots.txt file, set up redirects, install an SEO plugin, optimize headers and meta tags, remove empty pages and duplicates.

26. Cloudflare Protection

We will connect the website’s domain to the Cloudflare service to provide additional protection for your web project.

cloudflare zaschita sayta brokera foreks
open graph dlya sayta foreks sozdanie saytov dlya brokerov

27. Open Graph

Open Graph is displayed in social media as an image with a link, title, and description of the website page. We will integrate Open Graph into the Forex website to enhance the attractiveness and visibility of your content on social media

28. Plugins

We will install WordPress plugins that enhance website functionality, including convenient editing, site loading optimization, data protection, SEO, message sending, and other features.

plaginy dlya sayta foreks sozdanie saytov dlya brokerov
integratsii dlya sayta foreks sozdanie saytov dlya brokerov

29. Integrations

The broker website can be integrated with over 10,000 different internet services, including CRM systems, online chat, quote tickers, payment widgets, email subscriptions, social media, and more.

30. Payment Systems

To accept payments on the broker’s website, we will place a payment system widget on one of the website pages. We can also facilitate more complex integrations, as your Forex website will be prepared for such functionality.

integratsii dlya sayta foreks sozdanie saytov dlya brokerov 1
TradingWebsite forex website developers

Who are we?

TradingWebsite is a team of professional programmers, web designers, analysts, and testers who are skilled in creating impressive websites and have a deep understanding of the FOREX, CRYPTO, and STOCK markets.

Questions and Answers

Ask a question to our team lead and receive a response within a few minutes.


Important information about tariffs and payment

The tariffs for Forex website development differ in terms of cost, design complexity, number of web pages, website hosting options (shared hosting or VPS), and the development timeline for each tariff.

Submit a request for broker forex website development. Our team leader will respond to your inquiries, provide examples of our recent work, and prepare a personalized offer with the final price for creating the Forex website. Yes, the cost of website development may vary depending on the complexity of the task you provide to us.

For the Landing tariff, the cost of technical support is $250, and for the Corporate tariff, it is $450. After completing the website development, our technical specialists will provide free support for your project for one month.

It can be a landing page, a corporate website (multi-page website), or a promotional page for product advertising. We develop broker websites of any complexity.

Forex Website Development

How we develop websites for brokers

We follow five stages of development: requirements gathering, design development, integration with WordPress CMS, testing, and website deployment. You will only need to approve the final version of the website.

By default, we create Forex websites with unique designs and content. However, if you need to launch a website quickly or make it more cost-effective, you can opt for a website with a template design. Typically, such websites are created using visual builders like Elementor or WP Bakery, or they utilize templates from platforms like Themeforest/Envato.

The website will run on the CMS WordPress.

Absolutely. Any of the websites we create can be expanded. For example, a landing page can easily be transformed into a corporate website. If you choose to expand the website, you can hire TradingWebsite or hand over the source code to other developers.

Yes, you will be able to manage the website through the WordPress CMS admin panel. If you are unable to handle it, you can order technical support for the broker website from us.

Quotes for the forex broker's website

Take a look at the powerful financial widgets that TradingWebsite installs on broker websites.

TradingWebsite financial widget for a forex website from