TOP 10 Forex Broker websites with the best web design in 2024

Forex Broker websites with the best web design Forex Website

A good forex broker website possesses a creative and vibrant design. The web design of a trading-themed website should have a business style and be technologically advanced. Today, we will explore the top forex broker websites with the best design and try to understand why they are so appealing to traders. Our analysis will be based on the website’s brand style, logo creativity, presence of advertising banners, animation complexity, and other visual effects.

An attractive web design is one of the main tools for a forex broker, acting as a motivating factor: should a trader open an account with the brokerage company or not? A raw, poorly thought-out, and unattractive forex website significantly reduces lead conversion. Let’s now discuss the top 10 forex brokers with the best website design, who do not make such mistakes and gain the trust of traders.

1. Alpha Forex — a Forex Broker with a Vibrant Web Design

Альфа Форекс - форекс-брокер с ярким веб-дизайном

Alpha Forex’s web design is presented in a light theme. The website developers have embraced the general trend of spreading flat design and minimalism in web design. This web design style features:

  • Simple geometric shapes (primarily rectangles, squares, and circles).
  • Monochromatic white background.
  • Minimal use of fonts and simple typography.
  • Minimal presence of shadows.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Utilization of two leading colors: red and white.

The presence of flat design reveals two-dimensional graphics and a user-friendly interface. Vector graphics are used on the website. The website header contains essential elements: information about the company, news, contacts, navigation in the form of a hamburger menu, icons in the shape of a magnifying glass, and links to the company’s social media pages. Working hours and contact phone numbers are also part of the header — traders do not have to search for this information on other pages, making it convenient.

Курсы банка России на сайте Альфафорекс

An intuitively understandable icon in the form of a person in a tie reminds us of the business orientation of the forex website and directs us to the trader’s personal account registration page. The clickable Alpha Forex logo helps return to the homepage from any page on the website.

The main menu of the website is presented as a horizontal menu: trading conditions, deposits and withdrawals, internet trading, MetaTrader, analytics, currency exchange, frequently asked questions. The menu highlights the active section when located on the corresponding menu item.

The subsequent page features a panel with an animated presentation consisting of four changing slides. The images can be manually switched using a menu in the form of rectangular bars. Each slide includes an icon with a call to action: «registration» or «open an account.»

An interesting solution was to use an image of money tied with a rubber band. This depiction presents money not abstractly but as if it is already prepared and neatly bundled for us. The people in the tabs are dressed in business suits, which instills trust in the consumer.

The most active part of the forex website’s web design is the scrolling ticker tape that displays real-time currency rates. This financial widget reminds the trader that they are on a stockbroker’s website.

The website also provides essential information that Alpha Forex is licensed by the Central Bank of Russia. The text is embedded with a hyperlink that directs us to Alpha Bank’s personal account.

The forex website’s terms of service are presented in the form of a panel with non-clickable icons. To avoid overwhelming users with information, there is an «learn more» icon.

Furthermore, the website introduces us to the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, which can be used on various devices.

Форекс-сайт Альфафорекс

The sections «Help for Traders» and «Analytics» are presented as panels in the form of tiles, containing interesting and informative sections. We see the presence of web design elements in the realism style (skeuomorphism). The goal of this style is to provide a realistic depiction of objects through lighting and shadows. We observe 3D objects.

The footer encompasses all the information presented on the website and practically duplicates it.

Сайт Альфафорекс

Alpha Forex’s website incorporates convenient tools: breadcrumbs (website navigation that displays the user’s path from the root of the website to the current page), a «back to top» button that allows returning to the top of the page from any point on the website.

The favicon is represented by the well-known Alpha Bank logo.

The forex website does not contain banners or pop-ups, which is an advantage and leaves a sense of solidity.

2. Alpari — a Stylish Web Design for a Forex Website

Alpari - стильный веб-дизайн форекс-сайта

The web design of Alpari’s forex website is presented in a light green theme. The website avoids unnecessary visual effects, features rich color contrasts, emphasizes typography, and ensures fast page loading. The website is highly dynamic and attracts attention.

Upon entering Alpari’s forex broker website, a pop-up window appears, urging visitors to subscribe and receive personalized offers. This strategy enhances lead conversion on the website.

Сайт Альпари торговая платформа мт4

The website header includes a quote ticker tape. Below the horizontal menu is a panel with an animated presentation on tabs. The images of people on the tabs are lively and vivid. The menu tabs contain persuasive slogans like «Join us,» «Dive into a sea of cashback,» «Tame forex with us.» A notable advantage is the presence of a visual graph that encourages action to «invest.»

Financial analysis, currency rates, and a section for downloading the trading platform contain exceptionally important information, well-thought-out UI/UX interface. Breadcrumbs and active sections are also present (though the developers of Alpari, for some reason, failed to incorporate the «back to top» button). The chat support icon stands out, which is also a plus as existing clients of the forex broker value quick access to support.

Сайт Альпари торговля на форекс

The Alpari forex website particularly emphasizes the presence of numbers (perhaps to make us think that the forex broker knows how to count money). The website’s favicon represents the Alpari logo, further highlighting the company’s brand.

3. Instaforex — a Forex Broker with a Light Website Design that Appeals to Traders

Instaforex - форекс-брокер с устаревшим веб-дизайном сайта


The Instaforex broker’s website is concise in its content. The web design features red and violet colors, which are quite aggressive shades on the palette. There is a light and dark version of the website.

Сайт Инстафорекс - рекламный баннер на форекс-сайте

The web design of the Instaforex forex website gives the impression of a closed club. It refers to a state enterprise: everything is strict and regulated (by associating itself with a state-owned company, the brokerage firm seeks to create the impression that investors’ money is protected).

The website menu is presented in the form of tiles. There is no overall animation, but the ability to «activate» it with the cursor gives a sense of control over the website, which is a positive feeling. The bright icon in the form of a question mark evokes a sense of security.

Сайт Инстафорекс торговля на форекс

4. Finam — an Informational Style for a Forex Website

Финам - информационный стиль форекс-сайта - веб-дизайн форекс-сайт

The Finam brokerage company’s website resembles a major news portal. The website background is white, with mainly uniform typography and no vivid images or banners. The header contains two rows of non-repeating horizontal menus. The absence of a «back to top» button, which returns to the top of the page, and the lack of breadcrumbs (website navigation) catch the eye.

The forex website features a highly informative menu. By clicking on the time in the news feed, it is possible to expand the news and learn more information.

A distinguishing feature of the Finam forex website’s web design is its seriousness, as there are almost no images. They are only presented in the form of graphs and small images accompanying the news.

Сайт Финам торговля на форекс

The forex website has action-oriented icons highlighted in yellow: «open an account» and «test drive.» Overall, analyzing the website, it can be concluded that the main focus is on financial analytics.

The website’s animation is only presented in the form of a small animated window with changing slides. It is evident that Finam emphasizes currency and stock trading education.

5. Forex4you — a Minimalistic Web Design for a Forex Website

Forex4you - минималистический веб-дизайн форекс-сайта

The Forex4you brokerage website employs a flat design style. Compared to Alpari and Finam, a notable advantage of the forex website is the bright icons with calls to action: «open an account» and «login» (clearly designed to attract the attention of potential clients and facilitate access to the trading platform for current traders).

Interestingly, the website features two active logos: Forex4you and «15 years building trust.» The designers have divided the forex website into distinct color zones: black, white, colored, and white-gray. Such zoning facilitates the presentation of a large amount of trading-related information on the website.

The panel in the form of a presentation can be manually switched and does not overwhelm with information. Another advantage of the Forex4you forex website is the beautiful horizontal menu designed as icons.

Сайт форекс ю торговая платформа мт4 - веб-дизайн форекс-сайт

The forex broker Forex4you has taken the advice of experienced marketers and placed an infographic on the website showcasing the earnings of investors from the social trading network Share4you. This instills trust and attracts attention.

The forex broker has also displayed a multitude of awards related to customer service in financial markets on the website. This is one of the strengths of websites (displaying awards), as only a few brokers can boast real achievements, rather than «drawn» ones, on their websites.

Сайт ФорексЮ торговля на форекс

6. FXopen — a Forex Broker with a Simple Website Desig

FXopen - форекс-брокер с простым веб-дизайном сайта

At first glance, the FXopen forex website appears ordinary, but it stands out with vibrant banners and informative texts. A bright, large orange icon with the call to action «open an account» distinguishes this website from its competitors.

The section featuring testimonials from customers about the trading platform is prominently placed to dispel the doubts of novice traders about whether to open an account with the broker or not. The company’s advantages are clearly highlighted.

Официальный сайт fxopen

7. VTB Capital Forex — a Brokerage Company with a Modern Web Design

Втб Капитал форекс - брокерская компания с современным веб-дизайном

The VTB Forex website stands out with its beautifully designed color scheme. The website’s web design is strictly business-oriented in a minimalist style.

The website header consists of a small hamburger menu with two lines and an icon inviting users to open a demo account. This icon is prominently highlighted in red to attract the visitor’s attention. The slide panel features concise images in the form of 3D models of a bull, a compass, and a lighthouse (emphasizing the financial theme of the website).

The company’s advantages are listed right after the slide panel, although the enumeration of advantages may be somewhat banal (reliable, profitable, accessible, etc.), the forex website provides a clear explanation of why a potential investor is better off trading currencies with VTB: VTB Capital Forex is part of the VTB Group, which includes VTB Bank. In other words, it is a banking structure that has been present in the market for many years.

Официальный сайт ВТБ Форекс

A notable feature of the VTB Capital forex website’s web design is the transaction details presented on the homepage: minimum trade size, variety of currency pairs, maximum leverage, account currency, and convenient fund withdrawal. The decision to use swipe-enabled presentation is interesting.

Daily analysis of global financial markets by VTB Capital analysts is presented as a tiled menu.

8. BCS Forex — a Stylish and Well-Structured Forex Website

Бкс Форекс - стильный и хорошо структурированный форекс-сайт - веб-дизайн форекс-сайт

The website of the major brokerage company BCS Forex attracts attention with its slogan, which is located in the central part of the screen: «Trade with confidence in BCS MARKETS.» The website contains a lot of digital data and graphical indicators.

Официальный сайт БКС Форекс

9. LegacyFX — a Forex Website with Technologically Advanced Web Design

LegacyFX - форекс-сайт с технологичным веб-дизайном

On the homepage of the Legacy FX forex broker, there is information that the company has become a sponsor of a football club. This is a strong trigger and serves as a distinctive feature of the forex broker.

The presentation of trading education information is well-done. The animated image of a running horse on page load is interesting and serves as a distinctive feature, something that many forex brokers should consider, as they are reluctant to invest time and money in quality branding.

Официальный сайт LEGACY FX

10. Saxo Bank — a Forex Website with Web Design for Affluent Investors

Saxo bank - форекс-сайт с вебдизайном для состоятельных инвесторов

The web design of the Saxo Bank forex website shares many similarities with European banks. It is a dry and simplified design style that will appeal to many affluent clients.

The website features client testimonials, which significantly increase trust levels. The menu is predominantly text-based with active links. Images of people in business attire emphasize the status of the forex broker’s clients.

Официальный сайт Саксо Банк

Forex broker’s website: what is it and why is it needed?

The forex broker’s website is an online platform that provides traders with access to the Forex currency market. It is an indispensable tool for any trader who wants to trade in the foreign exchange market. The broker’s website allows you to access the market, use trading platforms and use additional services.

You can use it:

  • Open a trading account: make a deposit, select trading instruments (currency pairs, CFDs on stocks, indices, etc.), set trading conditions (leverage, margin).
  • Analyze the market: use charts, indicators, news feed and other tools to predict exchange rates.
  • Make transactions: buy and sell currencies at the current exchange rate or using leverage.
  • Keep track of your trades: view your trading history, track open positions and profit/loss.
  • Receive support: Communicate with the broker’s support service on any issues related to trading.

The forex broker’s website is needed in order to:

  • Get access to the foreign exchange market: Forex is a decentralized market, and traders cannot get direct access to it. The broker acts as an intermediary between the trader and the market.
  • Use trading platforms: Brokers provide their clients with trading platforms that allow them to make trades, analyze the market and manage their trading accounts.
  • Get additional services: many brokers offer their clients additional services such as forex training, analytical materials, PAMM accounts, etc.

What should the best web design of a forex website be like?

To summarize, let’s discuss the characteristics that the best web design of a forex broker’s website should possess in 2023:

  • The forex website’s web design should include user-friendly buttons, navigation, and a branded logo.
  • Traders should have access to up-to-date financial market analysis, such as news, currency quotes, market forecasts, trader calculators, etc.
  • Fast communication with the forex broker’s technical support should be available (this can be achieved by incorporating a chat or callback widget on the website).
  • Genuine customer reviews and ratings will motivate traders to open new accounts.
  • Utilize a business-style web design — images of individuals in business attire, skyscrapers, luxury cars create a visually appealing look.
  • To instill a sense of security in potential investors, display the forex company’s license and other information related to financial investment protection on the website.
  • Animation should be used appropriately, for example, an animated currency quote ticker looks better at the top of the website rather than in the footer.
  • Include an adequate number of buttons with call-to-action prompts to open a trading account. Examples of text in the buttons: start trading, open an account, register, invest, etc.

If you are a forex broker in need of a website, the TradingWebsite team has been creating forex websites for many years (check out examples of forex projects we have created). Explore our prices and ask questions. Believe us, creating a forex website is easier than it seems, especially when done by professionals.

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Senior Staff Writer at TradingWebsite, specializing in the development of forex websites and marketing. Mark has extensive experience in creating web projects related to trading in financial markets, including websites, widgets, trader cabinets, and integration with MT4.