TOP 5 designers for creating a Forex broker website

TOP 5 designers for creating a Forex broker website Forex Website

Over the past seven years, we have tested dozens of CMS systems and website builders, so we can confidently say that the WIX website builder is perfect for creating a forex website.

WIX allows you to quickly and easily create a professional forex website with template designs. In second place, we have placed the Squarespace website builder, where you can find many creative templates. We ranked Webflow in third place. It is an advanced website builder that has only one drawback — it can be a bit complex for beginners.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of the top 5 website builders that we recommend for creating a forex website.

Take a look at the list of the top 10 website builders that we recommend for creating a forex website:

WIX — A website builder for creating forex websites with a good balance of quality and price.


WIX - конструктор-сайтов для создания форекс сайта

WIX is a very convenient website builder that allows you to easily create a multi-page forex website or landing page. WIX provides full creative control, allowing you to do whatever you want with your website. Unlike other builders, WIX doesn’t compromise your account’s performance and settings for the sake of a user-friendly interface — you get a convenient editor and a vast set of features.

WIX can bring any of your fantasies to life on your website. It is not just a powerful website builder, but also an excellent assistant that will guide you on how to create a website from scratch.

Try creating a forex website on WIX by yourself using the free plan. When you are ready, upgrade to one of the eight paid plans starting at $16 per month.

The paid plans unlock access to over 900 templates. There are many templates on financial themes that will be useful for designing your forex website. Of course, WIX may be slightly more expensive than some other website builders, but considering that it offers a lot more useful tools (the library includes hundreds of tools!), we believe that WIX is truly worth the investment.

Конструктор сайтов WIX

What’s included in the free plan of WIX?

WIX provides a fairly generous free plan that includes:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — tools that will help your forex website appear in Google search and other search engines.
  • Social media integration — helps connect your forex website with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Mobile site version — your site will be correctly displayed on mobile devices and tablets.
  • App Market — a wide selection of widgets to enhance your forex website.

We also want to highlight two important points. First, WIX developers constantly update the website builder and add new features to it. And second, WIX has a team of top-notch technical support specialists. You can contact their support team at any time and report your issue. Typically, WIX support responds within minutes.

If you’re unsure which website builder is suitable for your forex website, try WIX and see what you can achieve. Keep in mind that once you launch your site, you won’t be able to change the template. Therefore, we recommend carefully choosing a template.

TradingWebsite 100% recommends WIX! It’s a very user-friendly website builder. Many novice forex business owners have no experience in web development or lack the budget to hire a web studio specializing in the forex industry, but WIX provides them with the opportunity to independently solve this problem, at least until they have the budget to hire an experienced team for more complex forex projects.

Squarespace — for those who need a creative forex website

Squarespace - для тех кому нужен креативный форекс сайт

Squarespace is a more advanced website builder than WIX. However, you can get used to Squarespace within a few days — just try «building» and «deconstructing» a few templates and explore the settings.

In Squarespace, you’ll find incredibly beautiful website templates. Without exaggeration, the Squarespace website builder offers the best web design templates on the market (and yes, they have templates on financial themes too). So if you want to impress your clients with unique visual effects, Squarespace is the way to go!

A nice bonus: unlike WIX, in the Squarespace website builder, you can use multiple templates simultaneously. Essentially, you can switch templates without losing content on your website, even after publishing it online.

In addition to beautiful designs, Squarespace offers many tools for editing ready-made blocks and web elements. It has a diverse collection of video backgrounds and images, saving you time searching for media files on the internet. You can also integrate your forex website with social media platforms, which will increase traffic between them. Furthermore, you can add custom code to your site, which is crucial because no forex website is complete without quality analytics featuring online quotes and financial charts, which you can obtain by copying code, for example, from the TradingView website. To expand the capabilities of your forex website, install extensions for integration with email marketing services, CRM systems, and even payment systems (this can be done in the Squarespace library).

Конструктор сайтов Squarespace

Pros and cons of Squarespace for a forex website


  • Many beautiful templates suitable for creating unique forex website designs.
  • Excellent marketing tools — integration with CRM systems, email marketing, and social media, with pop-ups.
  • Fast technical support.


  • No automatic saving — for example, changes made to the website won’t be saved until you click the «Save» button (if you accidentally close the browser tab, the changes in the website builder editor won’t be saved).

To create a trial version of your forex website, use the free version of the builder, which is available for 14 days. Squarespace paid plans start at $16 per month.

GoDaddy — for quickly creating a forex website

GoDaddy - для быстрого создания форекс сайта

GoDaddy is considered a simple website builder. After selecting a basic landing page template, all you have to do is modify the content and save the changes on your website. We have been able to do this in a couple of hours! (However, we had prepared content for the forex website since we write the texts ourselves).

It’s worth noting that GoDaddy is not the best solution if you need a complex website, as you may find certain functions lacking when editing visual blocks. Therefore, GoDaddy is primarily suitable for forex business owners who need to launch a project as quickly as possible.

GoDaddy has a straightforward editor that incorporates Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). This technology saves the administrator’s time on website assembly and simplifies certain settings.

Конструктор сайтов Goodaddy

Pros and cons of GoDaddy for a forex website


  • It allows you to create a forex website very quickly.
  • Very simple website builder.
  • Low cost compared to other builders.


  • Limited number of templates.
  • Lacks advanced settings.
  • Not as visually appealing as other developers’ designs.

You can use the GoDaddy website builder for free for one month. Afterward, you’ll need to purchase one of the premium plans, which range from $9.99 to $29.99 per month. By the way, these are the lowest prices on the market. If you intend to promote your forex website on Google, we recommend choosing the premium plan for $14.99 per month (this plan includes SEO settings).

Webflow — an advanced website builder for developing complex forex websites

Webflow - продвинутый конструктор сайтов для разработки сложного форекс сайта

It feels like Webflow combines three website development technologies at once: 1) a regular website builder (like WIX), 2) a traditional content management system (CMS) like WordPress, and 3) manual HTML code writing. If this doesn’t tell you much, don’t worry — just know that with Webflow, you can create a very cool forex website, but you’ll need to acquire some knowledge of website building before you start.

The Webflow editor includes hundreds of HTML/CSS tools: you can add, drag, and style any web elements. After saving your website, Webflow automatically generates the HTML markup of the page and other programming code used for website functionality.

The Webflow interface is complex (newcomers compare it to a spaceship control panel…), so don’t hesitate to spend a few intense hours familiarizing yourself with the basic functionality of the website builder. You’ll definitely invest your time wisely and eventually master a flexible, powerful, and highly modern tool for creating websites.

Webflow offers two pricing systems: 1) an account-based payment where you create the website, and 2) a project-based payment where the website is live — essentially hosting services.

Конструктор сайтов Webflow

Pros and cons of Webflow for a forex website


  • Advanced website editing tools.
  • Hosting provided by Amazon Cloudfront, ensuring maximum page loading speed.
  • Integrated content delivery network (CDN).
  • Dozens of high-quality free and premium templates.


  • Confusing pricing system — it takes time to understand what you need to pay for.
  • The website builder interface is not 100% compatible with Firefox and Edge.
  • Webflow may be challenging for beginners unfamiliar with web development.

To set up your forex website on a domain, you’ll need to purchase at least the basic plan, priced at $14 per month (annual payment). If you plan to launch multiple forex projects, consider the Business plan for $39 per month. It not only increases the number of websites on your account but also enhances the CDN’s monthly bandwidth to 400 GB (CDN significantly improves website loading speed).

Tilda — a convenient website builder for quickly creating a forex website

Tilda - удобный конструктор сайтов для быстрого создания форекс сайта

With the Tilda website builder, you can create a forex website within a few hours. Our web designers typically spend around one day assembling a landing page in Tilda, and it takes 3-4 days for a multi-page forex website. This assumes the client wants a simple forex design.

Tilda offers over 500 ready-made blocks that allow you to quickly create sections like «About Us,» «Trading Conditions» (using the tariff plan block), «Markets» (using the table block), «Account Types,» and others.

Unlike Webflow, Tilda doesn’t require programming knowledge. The page editor interface is intuitive.

Tilda provides access to over 250 ready-made website templates. After building the main version of your site (desktop), Tilda automatically adjusts the design for mobile devices and tablets. Use the Zero Block to manually create blocks with unique designs.

Another advantage of Tilda is its integrated CRM system. You can place a contact form on your site, and all messages will be stored in the Tilda CRM. The bonus is that you don’t need to pay for the Tilda CRM separately as it’s provided for free with every pricing plan.

Конструктор сайтов Tilda

Pros and cons of Tilda for a forex website


  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Zero Block (for creating unique blocks).
  • Free CRM system and website analytics.
  • Excellent support system and numerous website examples.


  • Inability to scale the website.
  • Templates may appear repetitive.
  • Limited hosting space.

Tilda offers two paid plans and one free plan. For a regular forex website, the Personal plan for $10 per month is suitable. If you need more forex projects (e.g., not only a forex website but also a landing page), consider the Business plan for $20 per month, which includes hosting for up to 5 websites, 1 GB of file storage, and 500 pages.

Questions and answers from beginners

Here are frequently asked questions from forex brokers who are planning to create a forex website using a website builder.

What are the pros and cons of website builders?

The main advantage of a website builder for brokers is that it allows for quick and easy creation of a forex website without programming knowledge and at a low cost. Brokers don’t need to hire an expensive team of web developers, saving them thousands of dollars.

Which website builder is the most convenient?

According to our research, WIX is the most user-friendly website builder.

Our web studio develops forex websites, including using the WIX website builder. We typically spend about a week assembling a large website in WIX, which is very fast! Especially considering the scope of work we perform: website creation, SEO setup, domain configuration, SSL certificate activation, and other technical tasks.

Can I edit templates in the website builder?

Yes, of course. By uploading a template to your website page, you’ll see a visual block example with content. You can modify any text, images, buttons, and animations.

Choose website templates related to finance themes as they facilitate the assembly of a forex trading website.

What’s the difference between a website builder and hosting?

Hosting is the place where you host your website. A website builder includes both a website editor and hosting. Usually, the cost of a website builder includes the hosting fee (e.g., in Webflow, you need to pay separately for the editor and hosting).

How to Create a Successful Forex Broker Website

Creating a successful Forex broker website requires careful planning, thoughtful design, and user-centric implementation. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Identify your target audience: Understand who your ideal clients are and what their needs are. This will help you create a website that meets their requirements and attracts their attention.
  2. Develop a proposal for your target audience: Determine what tools and services you’ll offer to differentiate yourself from competitors. Highlight your unique selling points and position your brand.
  3. Ensure stability and security: Your trading platform must be stable, secure, and functional to meet the needs of both you and your customers. Integrate it with your website for a seamless experience.
  4. Create an attractive web design: Design your website with user experience in mind. Make it easy to navigate and visually appealing to attract and retain users.Your website should be professional and trustworthy, with a simple and intuitive interface that is optimized for mobile devices. Offer your visitors comprehensive information about the Forex market, trading instruments, and your company, including educational materials such as articles, webinars, and videos.

Provide excellent customer support through multiple channels, such as live chat, phone, and email, to ensure a quick and effective response to all requests. You can also provide training materials and resources to help customers better understand the products and services you offer.

It is important to protect your website from cyber attacks and comply with all relevant laws and regulations. Be transparent and honest in all aspects of your business, and ensure that your website is a reliable source of information for your customers.To attract new customers, it is essential to use various marketing channels, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, and content marketing. It is also important to participate in industry events and create connections to build relationships with other professionals in the field.

In addition, offering attractive offers and creating a demo account can help to entice potential customers to try your platform. Designing different account types and offering competitive spreads and commissions can also help to attract traders. Implementing a loyalty program can reward loyal customers and encourage them to continue using your platform.

Creating a successful Forex broker website requires careful planning and execution. By offering a range of features and services that meet the needs of traders, you can build a strong online presence that attracts customers from all over the world.

Mark Rubezhny

Senior Staff Writer at TradingWebsite, specializing in the development of forex websites and marketing. Mark has extensive experience in creating web projects related to trading in financial markets, including websites, widgets, trader cabinets, and integration with MT4.