Quotes for the broker’s website​​

Quotes for the broker's website​

Check out the quotes and stock charts we install
on our clients’ sites.

TradingWebsite quote widgets for the site from TradingView

Real-time chart widget

A superchart with currencies, stocks, indices, futures, and cryptocurrency.

Quote widget for the broker's website

A widget with up-to-date information on the state of financial markets at the macroeconomic level.

"Online Chart" Widget

A simple but informative chart for one financial instrument. Looks perfect on any page, even from a phone.

"Economic Calendar" Widget

The widget displays upcoming economic events, announcements, and news. The widget looks best on the website’s main page and in analytics.

"Running Line" Widget

The running line of quotes is associated with Wall Street in times when buying and selling currency and stocks had to be done by shouting into a phone. The running line adds an atmosphere to the broker’s website, especially looks good on the main page.

Cryptocurrency Market Widget

The financial widget shows the value of cryptocurrencies in real time.

"Cross-rates of Currencies" Widget

This widget allows comparing different currency rates online.

Market Data Widget

The financial widget displays the main indicators of global markets: the change in price for the day, the opening and closing price, as well as the daily minimum and maximum.

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