Top 13 Financial Widgets for a Broker’s Website

Financial Widgets for a Broker's Website Forex Website

There are many financial widgets available, such as quote widgets, currency informers, stock widgets, economic calendars, and many more. These types of widgets are commonly installed on a broker’s website, an informational site, a news resource, or any other website related to finance.

In this article, you will learn where to get financial widgets for your website. The best quote providers for websites are TradingView and Investing, but we’ve found dozens of alternative developers that you should consider as well. All widgets are easy to install on your site — simply copy the developer’s code and paste it into the appropriate place on your site. For example, you can set a ticker of currency quotes on the main page of the site, and put a cryptocurrency widget in the sidebar, and so on.

We have been developing forex websites since 2015 and have extensive experience working with widgets, so at the end of the article, we will share tips on how to properly choose a financial widget for your website to attract traffic and retain current customers in the company.

TOP-13 Stock Market Widgets for a Broker’s Website

1. TradingView 

TradingView - финансовый виджет для сайта брокера

TradingView is a leader in the field of financial technology. The company has been operating since 2011 and develops modern analytical tools for traders and brokers around the world. TradingView offers a wide range of high-quality stock market widgets for broker websites, blogs, information sites, and even the media. Financial widgets from TradingView are attractive and feature-rich.

Here are the most popular TradingView widgets:

  • Chart Widget: the most common widget that displays price charts for stocks, currencies, and other financial instruments online
  • Quote Widget: displays current stock and currency prices for one day, week, or month
  • Technical Analysis: the widget shows the current state of financial assets on the stock exchange
  • Economic Calendar: displays upcoming important economic events in the world, such as FED reports, GDP data, and so on
  • Financial News Widget: the latest stock exchange and economic news from different countries of the world
  • Ticker Widget: a popular Wall Street-style widget, it does not require fine-tuning, it can be installed with a few clicks.

2. Investing

Economic Calendar is a popular investing website created in 2007. Investing is a leader among providers of financial news on currency, stock, index, and commodity markets.

Among the widgets available on, the following stand out:

  • Currency Quotes: Current exchange rates and their real-time changes
  • Stock Quotes: Displays the stock price and its real-time changes
  • Index Quotes: Shows the current value of stock indexes such as the S&P 500, FTSE 100, Nikkei 225, and others
  • Commodity Quotes: Shows current prices for commodities such as oil, gold, silver, wheat, etc.
  • Economic Calendar: Displays upcoming economic events, the interface is simple and informative
  • Market News: Latest news from stock markets around the world.

3. Darqube

Darqube - финансовый виджет для сайта брокера

Darqube is an innovative company that develops useful tools for brokers and investors. Darqube has developed powerful and modern stock market widgets that will suit any financial-themed website.

The most popular Darqube widgets include:

  • Stock Quote Widget: Up-to-date stock prices on international exchanges
  • Chart Widget: Interactive diagrams of financial instruments
  • Currency Informer: Current exchange rates for EUR, USD, JPY, CAD, and other world currencies
  • Stock Index Informer: The latest data on major stock indexes.

4. Trendlyne

Trendlyne - финансовый виджет для сайта брокера

Trendlyne is a developer of modern financial widgets. The distinctive feature of Trendlyne is high-quality widgets with a simple integration process for websites.

Here are the main stock market data widgets offered by Trendlyne:

  • «Strengths and weaknesses of stocks» widget. With this widget, investors get a quick analysis of the short-term and long-term financial state of a company
  • «Stock checklist» widget. This financial widget checks whether stocks meet key criteria or not, based on financial indicators.

5. Macroaxis

Macroaxis - финансовый виджет котировки онлайн для сайта брокера

Macroaxis is another developer of professional and reliable stock market widgets for website installation.

Here are a few Macroaxis widgets that will attract investor attention to your site:

  • Portfolio Optimizer. Helps traders determine the optimal portfolio structure considering their investment preferences and risk appetite
  • Stock Comparison. The widget allows you to compare different stocks based on their historical return and risks
  • Return Forecasting. This financial widget creates scenarios for future stock returns based on statistical analysis of historical data
  • Technical Analysis. The widget provides traders with access to key technical indicators such as moving averages and RSI, which are key tools for traders.

6. StockCard

StockCard - виджет фондового рынка для сайта брокера

StockCard is a developer offering high-quality widgets for financial websites and analytics for brokers.

Here are a few good StockCard stock market widgets:

  • Stock Rating Widget: Displays a stock rating based on careful analysis, the widget simplifies the process of selecting stocks for an investment portfolio for investors
  • Stock Research Widget: Detailed analytical reports on stocks, currencies, indices, and other investment assets
  • Trading Recommendations Widget: An innovative widget that offers traders individual investment recommendations based on their trading interests and preferences
  • Market Sector Analysis Widget: The widget displays a brief summary of important stock market indicators, taking into account changes in different sectors of the economy.

7. Fortrader

Fortrader - виджет фондового рынка для сайта брокера is a well-known developer of financial widgets that are easy to adapt on the site.

Here are a few widgets offered by Fortrader:

  • American Stock Price Widget: Displays prices for American company stocks: Facebook, Tesla, Twitter, and others. Updated in real-time
  • Online Quotes Widget: Shows the current state of assets in the stock market
  • Economic Calendar Widget: Schedule of upcoming economic events and their expected impact on financial markets
  • Market News Widget: Provides the latest news and analytics from the best financial news providers
  • Precious Metals and Alloys Widget: Displays online quotes for GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, and other precious metals.

8. Devexperts

Devexperts - виджет фондового рынка для сайта брокера

Devexperts is one of the world’s leaders in developing tools for financial markets. The company offers one, but a very functional stock market widget — the stock chart. The widget integrates major technical analysis tools, the chart itself looks modern and has many subtle settings.

9. IFC Markets

IFC Markets - финансовый виджет для сайта брокера

IFC Markets is an international broker specializing in online trading on financial markets. The company also offers financial widgets for brokers’ websites, blogs, informational sites, and media.

Here are the most interesting stock market widgets offered by IFC Markets:

  • Quote Ticker: Latest exchange rates
  • Chart Widget: Will allow website visitors to follow quotes for currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and precious metals
  • Forex Widget: View statistics, research, or market movement forecasts by Forex experts
  • Market Sentiment Widget: Shows reports on market sentiment based on data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
  • Commodity Quotes Widget: Shows current prices for different types of commodities such as oil, gold, silver, gas, coffee, and others
  • Currency Calculator Widget: Allows traders to convert currency rates directly on the website.

10. Dukascopy

Dukascopy - виджет экономического календаря для сайта брокера

Dukascopy is a Swiss company that provides online trading services on international financial markets. The company owns its own bank and is a member of SWFX — Swiss FX Marketplace.

List of popular Dukascopy widgets:

  • Currency quotes. Up-to-date information on exchange rates on the interbank foreign exchange market
  • Currency charts. Online charts of currency pairs in real-time
  • Trader calculators. Helps traders calculate position size, potential profit and loss, as well as the required level of margin and leverage
  • Forex calendar. Shows the schedule of future economic events related to the forex market: unemployment reports, inflation, central banks, etc.
  • Market overview. The widget combines data on the latest currency quotes, spread sizes, high/low prices, and market sentiment
  • Financial market news. A stream of financial news that collects the most important Forex news and detailed reports from nearly 500 providers in more than 20 languages.

11. Strategie-Bourse

Strategie-Bourse - виджет котировок валют для сайта брокера

Strategie-Bourse offers a free widget for financial websites — current quotes for currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and futures. Simple settings allow the webmaster to easily adapt the widget to the site.

12. SoftCapital

SoftCapital - виджет бегущая строка котировок акций и валют для сайта брокера

SoftCapital provides a full set of financial widgets for embedding on a broker’s site.

Here are the most interesting widgets of the company:

  • Financial chart widget. A beautiful interactive chart widget with different types of charts and technical analysis
  • Financial news widget. A financial news aggregator broadcasting events in currency and commodity markets from approximately 500 news providers, including central banks, rating agencies, stock exchanges, and major news agencies such as Reuters, MarketWatch, and CNBC.
  • Vertical quote ticker widget. A vertical ticker with prices for leading US market stocks.

13. MarketChameleon

MarketChameleon - виджет финансового рынка для сайта брокера

MarketChameleon is a platform for investors and traders with access to up-to-date information about financial markets. The company specializes in options and stock market analysis, provides tools for researching companies based on financial reports.

The most interesting stock market widgets from MarketChameleon:

  • Stock and options quoting widgets. Information about prices, trading volumes, and other indicators of stocks and options on the major financial markets
  • Analysis widgets. Data about stock prices, trading volume, their volatility, and other financial indicators that help traders and investors make decisions
  • Financial news widget. The latest news and analytical materials on financial markets
  • Stock screening widgets. Provides the ability to search and filter stocks by various criteria such as sector, market capitalization, P/E ratio, and others
  • Options analytics widgets. Information about option prices and volatility, market risk assessments, and other indicators that help traders make decisions regarding options.

What benefits will financial widgets bring to a broker’s website?

Financial widgets are found on every broker’s website. Why? Firstly, such widgets as currency quotes, online charts, or an economic calendar keep visitors on the site longer. In this way, the broker increases the chance of getting more trading account registrations. Secondly, financial widgets are an integral part of the image of a professional brokerage company. It’s hard to imagine a broker’s site without an animated quote line or a refreshing news feed. A brokerage site without financial widgets looks dull and doesn’t inspire trust because it has little in common with the real situation on the financial markets.

Main advantages of financial widgets for a broker’s site:

  • Beneficial for customers. Financial widgets provide clients with access to up-to-date market information, quotes, and news. This makes the broker’s site more useful to customers
  • Attracting new customers. Stock market widgets, cryptocurrency market widgets, and others attract new visitors to the site who are interested in receiving quality financial analytics. Therefore, your site traffic may increase and potentially, the number of trading account registrations will increase
  • Strengthening the image. By placing quality financial widgets on the site, the dealing company strengthens the broker’s image as a professional and expert in their field
  • Increasing conversion. Financial widgets help convince site visitors of the reliability and professional qualities of the broker. This will increase conversion on the site, as visitors will trust the broker more.

Advantages of financial widgets for a website

There are a multitude of financial widgets that are easy to install on a site. The choice is vast — from quote widgets to economic news widgets. Apart from the technical side (for example, a chart widget not only shows the history of quotes but also displays the prices of financial assets in real-time) financial widgets can be divided into the markets which data they transmit (for example, a chart widget builds charts of changes in prices of stocks, currencies, indices, futures, or cryptocurrencies).

Let’s look at the main types of financial widgets that are most popular with traders.

Website quote widget

A quote widget shows the current situation on the financial market. A stock quote widget is ideal for investors trading on the stock exchange, while a cryptocurrency quote widget will be relevant for crypto traders.

Economic events widget for the site

Traders want to see the economic calendar widget on a broker’s site first and foremost. The economic calendar (economic events) shows the upcoming most important events on the financial markets. Often it happens that traders decide to buy or sell assets immediately after the release of important news (for example, the raising of US Fed interest rates). Traders usually follow such news using the economic calendar widget installed on the broker’s site.

Financial news widget for the site

A widget with stock market news, currency market news, or cryptocurrency market news allows traders to stay up-to-date with important financial news. This is an important widget that always enjoys demand from traders. Therefore, we recommend installing a financial news widget on the homepage or placing it in a conspicuous place on one of the most visited secondary pages of the site.

Currency rates widget for the site

The currency rates widget (currency informer) displays current information about currency rates on the foreign exchange market. These widgets are especially useful for traders trading on the Forex market.

Index widgets for the site

Index widgets allow traders to follow the prices of popular stock indices like Dow Jones, S&P 500, or NASDAQ. Indices are especially important for investors because they significantly influence the value of other financial assets, such as currencies or shares of large companies. Additionally, index widgets help investors assess the overall market dynamics and determine which sectors of the economy are growing or are on the decline.

Chart widget for the site

A chart widget is required for traders to analyze the trading history of a financial asset (displayed as an interactive chart) and track the current state of prices in the market. A chart widget can display stock charts, currency pairs, indices, cryptocurrencies, futures, and so on. Some chart widgets provide advanced features: traders can add technical indicators to the chart and use technical analysis tools.

Use different types of financial widgets to enhance the attractiveness of your site for visitors. Consider the needs of your audience. For example, if you are a broker offering Forex trading services — be sure to install an economic calendar widget and a financial news widget on the site. Also, set up currency quotes. But if you are a stock market broker, most likely, the cryptocurrency widget will be superfluous for you.

In the end, financial widgets will help you increase site traffic and boost trust in your brand.

How to choose financial widgets for your website?

To choose the right financial widgets for a broker’s website, it is important to consider factors such as the website’s audience and the type of financial market on which the broker offers trading opportunities. Let’s take a look at how to choose the right financial widgets for a broker’s website to maximize their benefits.

Step 1: Define the objectives for the widgets

First and foremost, define the objectives that the financial widgets should fulfill on your website. Do you want to provide clients with up-to-date information on stock quotes, currency rates, or cryptocurrencies? Or does your broker’s website need to include analytical materials such as market forecasts, financial news, and fundamental analysis from expert traders? The answers to these questions will help you better understand which widgets will be most useful for your site.

Step 2: Consider the website’s audience to choose the widgets

It is crucial to consider the interests and preferences of your audience. Your website may cater to experienced traders, beginners, or investors who prefer to trust trading management to experts. Based on this, you can determine which financial widgets will be in high demand among clients.

Step 3: Compare different widgets

Once you have identified the tasks that the widgets should fulfill on your site and have studied your audience, start searching for financial widgets. Compare different widgets based on their functionality. Pay attention to the appearance of the widget and the quality of the data it provides. For example, most investors are accustomed to analyzing currency or stock charts using candlestick charts or regular line charts. If your widget only displays bar charts, it may be better to find another widget. Take your time and choose widgets carefully. In the end, this will allow you to install a financial widget on your site that will meet the needs of your audience for a long time.

Step 4: Test the selected widgets

After determining a list of suitable widgets for your site, pay special attention to testing them. Make sure that the selected widgets work correctly not only in the desktop version of the site but also in the mobile version. Financial widgets can slow down page loading, so check whether the site’s speed has been affected (slow sites deter visitors).

After installing a financial widget on your site, it is advisable to collect data on user interaction with the widgets. This will allow you to timely discontinue widgets that are not of interest to clients.

Also, remember that since financial widgets attract visitors’ attention on the site, it would be reasonable to place registration buttons for a trader’s account or other content that contributes to client acquisition alongside them.

How to choose financial widgets for your website

How to integrate financial widgets into a website

Choosing the right widgets

The first step is to choose the appropriate widgets. There are many different types of widgets available, each with their own features and benefits. It’s important to analyze your needs carefully and select the widgets that best suit your customers’ needs.

Preparing the website

Before integrating widgets, it’s necessary to prepare your website. This may involve creating new pages for the widgets, as well as setting up permissions and access levels.

Integrating the widgets

Once the website is ready, it’s time to integrate the widgets. The integration process may vary depending on the chosen widgets, but typically involves inserting the code for the widget on the relevant pages. Many widget providers provide detailed instructions and technical support to make the process as smooth as possible.

Testing and configuring

After integrating the widgets, it’s essential to test them thoroughly. Adjust the settings and configurations as needed to ensure they function correctly.After integrating the widgets, it’s important to thoroughly test them to ensure they work correctly. Check the display of the widgets on different devices and browsers. If necessary, adjust the settings according to your preferences.

Monitoring and Updating

Don’t forget to regularly monitor the widgets and update them to the latest versions. This will ensure maximum functionality, security, and access to new features.

The integration of financial widgets is an important element in the development of a broker’s website. With the right approach, these widgets can help attract new customers and increase conversions. Successful widget integration takes time and effort, but it’s worth it in the end.


The success of a broker’s website largely depends on the choice of suitable financial widgets. Here are the main tips from the TradingWebsite team to help you enhance your site’s attractiveness with widgets:

Consider the interests of your audience. Use popular stock market widgets or cryptocurrency widgets developed by reputable providers. Test the functionality of financial widgets on multiple devices (by placing the widgets on a test page of the site). Place the widgets in prominent positions. Alongside the widgets, include registration buttons for the trading platform, banner ads, company information, etc.

These steps will help you create a broker’s website that captures visitors’ attention and increases the number of registrations on the trading platform.

Mark Rubezhny

Senior Staff Writer at TradingWebsite, specializing in the development of forex websites and marketing. Mark has extensive experience in creating web projects related to trading in financial markets, including websites, widgets, trader cabinets, and integration with MT4.