60+ Best WordPress Templates for Forex Broker Website

Best WordPress Templates for Forex Broker Website Forex Website

To create a Forex website, you can use a ready-made WordPress template. You can purchase such a template in online stores like ThemForest or Evanto. After installing a Forex template, you should fill each page of the site with your content. In this way, a brokerage company can launch a Forex website in a very tight timeframe.

The TradingWebsite team has compiled a list of WordPress templates for Forex websites with beautiful design and fast page loading. Some templates already have integrated financial widgets, which attract professional traders and enhance the authority of the brokerage site.


Axcorp — WordPress template specifically created for Forex brokers

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Axcorp

Axcorp is a very cool template for a Forex website. It features a stylish black design, integrated financial quotes, and numerous pages with unique designs. The Axcorp WordPress template loads quickly on all types of devices.

If you’re looking for a template that’s perfect for a financial broker’s website, Axcorp is exactly what you need. Consider it as your first option.

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GetTrade — a Forex website of an investment company with extensive experience

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - GetTrade

GetTrade is a WordPress template for an investment company’s website. GetTrade has over 12 ready-made templates with modern design. It’s fully optimized for mobile devices. The Forex template contains sections like About the company, Career, Feedback, FAQ, financial news, Team, Trading platform, and others.

The Forex template design is presented in a business and strictly financial style. There are plenty of charts, tables, and other financial widgets. Widgets with a link to install the mobile application will attract customers who are accustomed to managing their finances on the go.

CoinOne — a Forex website with a light design and creative illustrations

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - CoinOne

The CoinOne WordPress template allows you to create a high-tech Forex website. The template offers a customizable responsive layout, 16 website templates on the topic of cryptocurrency and Forex. It includes a cross-browser compatibility feature with Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

The site design is light, with a white background. Nothing straining or distracting. The main image of the site contains a mobile version of the trading platform. The site’s typography is designed in a unified style. Additional pages of the Forex website contain creative illustrations on the topic of trading in financial markets.

Virtual — An Unusual Forex Website Template with Unique Illustrations

Форекс-шаблон WordPress - Virtual

The Forex template, Virtual, comes with three types of homepages. The template’s functionality includes Elementor site builder and MetForm, which greatly facilitate the assembly of a site for trading on financial markets.

The trendy flat design, intuitive interface, and quick page loading make this template a top choice.

iZpay — Template for a Financial Company Website (Colors Well-Selected)

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - iZpay

iZpay is a real treasure for the owner of a Forex project, as this template has a stunning design in DARK style with well-selected colors. The Forex template comes with a 100% responsive layout and very simple settings.

There are 16 WordPress templates to choose from to create a colorful Forex website.

Profit — For Quick Brokerage Website Creation

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Profit

Profit is one of the most downloaded WordPress HTML templates designed to create a site on the topic of trading currencies, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, etc. It offers 4 home page options. The page structure is well suited for a Forex project, so this WordPress template will primarily be useful to brokerage companies that want to launch a Forex project quickly.

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Equity — Brokerage Website with Financial Analytics

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Equity

Equity is another HTML template with a page structure that is ideal for a trading website. It offers full adaptability and fast loading. The Forex website features online quotes, a currency quote line, and financial instrument charts. There’s plenty of analytics for traders on the site, so it will undoubtedly attract the attention of potential customers.

Equity offers 4 main pages where you can easily insert content.

Tradex — Financial Project Website with Technological Design

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Tradex

Tradex is suitable for creating a financial project with a technological design: a brokerage company, trust management, trading in American stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc. It boasts modern design and fast loading. You can install 13 website templates, which are convenient to edit using the Elementor page builder.

BitzCoin — WordPress Template for a Progressive Investment-Themed Website

Форекс-шаблон WordPress - BitzCoin

BitzCoin is another creative WordPress template on the topic of investments, which is suitable for quickly assembling a Forex website. The template has a modern design and all the necessary plugins.

The design is in purple. There are many high-quality beautiful illustrations. Sections on the site are maintained in one design solution. The main page can feature a widget with a quote line.

A Frequently Asked Questions section will be relevant as the company develops further. The animation when loading the page is very thoughtfully and beautifully done. Such animation is present in all sections of the site.

Meto — Quality Forex Website Template for Traders

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Meto

Meto is a bright and vibrant WordPress template for a Forex website. The template includes: a 3D slider, Elementor support, 2 blog layouts, SEO optimization, 3 types of sliders, various header styles, and a responsive design.

It includes all the tools for trading on financial markets: widgets with charts and currency rates, tables of instruments, etc. The Forex template loads very quickly.

Liquid — Website Structure Suitable for Forex Projects

Форекс-шаблон WordPress - Liquid

Liquid is a professional HTML template, specifically created for a Forex broker. It’s one of the best Forex templates. The site already has an integrated quote line, financial news, and many trading-themed images.

Liquid provides 4 main page templates. The page structure is ideally suited for a Forex project: it has sections such as About the Company, Training, Trading Platform, Analytics, Trader’s Dictionary, and others.

To create a Forex website using the Liquid template, you’ll need to integrate the ready-made template into WordPress, Joomla, Modx, or another popular CMS system.

Financial — Forex Website in Business Style

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Financial

The rating for the Forex website template Financial is 3.67 out of 5. The advantages of the WordPress template are: lightning-fast page loading, smooth animation, and functionality. It’s a template that’s easy to manage. With this Forex template, a Forex broker can connect real-time currency quotes (Yahoo Finance API).

The design is bright and dynamic. It uses colors such as black, orange, and blue. The settings offer the ability to change colors. Pages on the Financial Forex template load quickly, which traders will undoubtedly appreciate.

Avantage — Modern Design and Built-in Trader Calculator

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Avantage

The Forex template Avantage has an expanded toolbar, unique customizable pages, and large typography. The template includes the Cost Calculator plugin, which can be used to connect a trader calculator to the Forex website. It also includes the universal Bold page builder, which facilitates the creation of unique pages on the site.

Avantage has 8 website templates that are easily adapted for a Forex website.

The design of the template features dynamic design and well-selected images on the pages. It’s easy to adapt for your own Forex project. The pages load quickly. The menu accommodates a large amount of information.

WealthCo — Business Style and Interesting Animation

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - WealtCo

The WealthCo template is compatible with WPBakery Page Builder, Essential Grid, Revolution Slider, and other popular WP plugins. WealthCo is designed in a classic style. The page loading animation doesn’t overload the traffic.

Finbank — Suitable for a Professional Forex Broker

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Finbank

Finbank is an advanced WordPress Forex template. Finbank has many flexible settings and works perfectly on all devices. With this template, a Forex broker can customize their site to their liking.

The Forex template has SEO optimization and advanced typography capabilities. The Forex site design is elegant, in black and red. The interface is horizontally stretched, with all elements built on this principle. Black and white images add a touch of uniqueness to this Forex template. You can set financial widgets on the selected pages of the site: a trader’s calculator and a quote line.

Coinary — Dark Style Forex Website

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Coinary

The Coinary template includes 10 customizable page layouts, 18 section templates, a stylish interface, and the Elementor Pro page builder. The Forex template works perfectly on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

The design is in a dark style. The black background color contrasts with the salad-neon color of fonts and icons. The site’s container is not divided into blocks, it is structured with images, icons, and text. Thanks to the Coinary template, you will get a unique and modern Forex website in a dark style with bright, vivid colors.

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Execoore

The color palette of the Execoore template consists of white, gray, and blue colors. The site design is in a business style. Pages load very quickly.

Execoore offers the opportunity to choose 3 site layouts, which can be filled with content and create a site on the topic of Forex or investments.

Business Lounge — Quality Forex Website Template with Aggressive Red Color

Форекс-шаблон WordPress - Business Lounge

The Business Lounge template is considered one of the most popular WordPress templates, as it has many downloads and the template rating is 4.87 out of 5 points. SEO optimization is carried out on the Forex website, micro-markup is integrated on the pages, which will positively affect the project’s output in Google. A news feed from financial markets is integrated into the Forex site.

The Business Lounge Forex template supports three color schemes, which are easy to change in understandable settings. You can set several types of main menus and header widgets.

The site design contains an aggressive red color. The urbanistic slider switches manually, and you can place the necessary information on it. The site’s header and footer are well filled and do not look empty.

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Wave — Forex Template with Mustard Color

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Tradex

Wave is an HTML5 template that is focused on the financial business in the field of currency trading, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc. There are 4 main pages available, which are easy to set up. Wave is equipped with the latest web technologies for flexible and fast setup, has SEO optimization.

The template has a simple, light design with a white background and the presence of a mustard color. The design is in the minimalist style. Throughout the Forex website, buttons inviting registration in the trader’s cabinet are conveniently located.

Monee — Typical Trading Site with Light Design

Шаблон для форекс-сайта - Monee

The WordPress Monee HTML template has a light design in a business style. The main sections of the Forex site are already created, you just need to add your own content. 4 home pages to choose from. Full responsiveness and SEO. Well-placed buttons for authorization in the web version of the trading platform and for registration in the trader’s personal account.

Cirro — High Quality Forex Template in European Style

Шаблон для форекс-сайта - Cirro

The Cirro Forex template will allow you to create a quality site with a European design style. The Forex template interface has a balanced color scheme. The page structure is specifically created for the Forex project. Traders will have access to financial analytics and a detailed reference system.

Goodpay — Typical Forex Company Website Template

Шаблон для форекс-сайта - Goodpay

Fully customizable creative and modern template for a Forex website. Contains 10 home page options. Light and minimalist design. The WordPress Goodpay template is not overloaded with unnecessary information, only important content on the topic of investments is present.

DigiBit — WordPress Forex Template with Unique Design and Flexible Settings

Шаблон для форекс-сайта - DigiBit

The DigiBit template was created for a financial company that provides cryptocurrency and regular currency trading services. DigiBit is one of the most popular Forex templates and has a rating of 5 out of 5 points. The Forex template contains more than 85 flexible settings that affect the appearance of the trading site, 11 financial widgets, SEO settings, extensive typography (about 600 fonts). The Forex site on the DigiBit template opens quickly. The page layout can be changed using the built-in Design Themes page builder.

Bigtech — Suitable for Creating a Crypto Project with Ultra-Modern Design

Шаблон для форекс-сайта - Bigtech

The Bigtech template has an ultra-modern design in a dark style. The template is suitable for creating a crypto project, a Forex site, an investment company site, and other projects related to investing. Adaptive design, large typography, high-quality user interface.

Cryptic — High Quality WordPress Template for Creating an Investment Company Website

Шаблон для форекс-сайта - Cryptic

This WordPress template has a high rating of 4.71 out of 5. The Forex template is packed with all the necessary financial widgets such as online quotes, quote lines, currency tickers, currency charts, etc. More than 20 home page options — this will allow you to quickly choose a quality design for your Forex project.

The bright and striking design of the template is based on yellow and black colors. Quite quick page loading with a large amount of functionality (not every template can boast of this). The template gives an impression of solidity and informativeness.

Cryptico — Template for a Forex Company with Impressive Animation

Форекс-шаблон WordPress - Cryptico

Cryptico is a premium WordPress template for creating a website for a large financial company that provides cryptocurrency or currency trading services. The Cryptico Forex template is easy to use and contains everything needed to create a website with a professional design and animation.

The Cryptico template has sold around 2,000 times and has a high user rating, which speaks to the truly quality Forex template. There are more than 12 home page layouts, dark and light themes, an expanded WordPress customizer, the ability to create your own color scheme, and support for a multilingual website.

Cryption — Functional and Fast WordPress Template for a Brokerage Company

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Cryption

Drawing on many years of experience creating themes for WordPress, the developers have taken into account many nuances and created Cryption, which is perfect for creating a Forex website. The rating of this template is 4.64 out of 5. The template includes plugins such as Slider, Revolution Slider, Page Builder, WP Bakery Page Builder. The Cryption template is very functional and flexible, optimized for SEO, has fast page loading and a large collection of icons and fonts.

You can choose 6 demo sites on the subject of cryptocurrency trading.

When loading the site, an image on the slider appears interestingly — from squares, and then the text animation goes on. Thus, the site looks solid and expensive. The design of the site can be characterized in one word, as geometric.

Crypterio — Premium Cryptocurrency Trading Website Template

Шаблон для форекс-сайта - Crypterio

Crypterio — premium website template for cryptocurrency trading. There are 9 different website templates available that are suitable not only for creating a crypto site but also Forex projects. The design of the site is predominantly in yellow, but there are other color schemes. Many financial widgets, which traders are used to using, are already integrated into the site.

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Cryptro — Light Forex Template

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Cryptro

The WordPress Cryptro template has a colorful design with many ready-made financial sections. In total, 8 ready-made website layouts with different designs. The template’s highlight is the rather dense placement of information, which will provide the opportunity to involve visitors to the site in the world of Forex trading as much as possible.

RexCoin — Powerful Crypto Project Template in FLAT Style

RexCoin Template — a powerful and modern WordPress template that will suit cryptocurrency companies and Forex. RexCoin has cross-browser compatibility with FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE11. There are several home page templates, flexible site appearance settings, customizable financial news feed. Modern design in Flat style.

Coeus — Quality Animation and Modern Design

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Coeus

The fast WordPress Coeus template will be suitable for developing a crypto broker or Forex company website, which considers the presence of quality animation important. Website layouts can be changed using the Visual Composer page builder. In total, six homepage options. Unlimited number of color styles.

The template is designed in a minimalist design. The color scheme uses white, purple, black, and lilac colors.

Broker — Business Style Forex Template

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Broker

The Broker template has received the prestigious «Site of the Day» award at the CSS Design Awards. According to ratings, the Broker template is one of the best-selling WordPress templates. Broker is optimized for SEO, offers unlimited color and typography options, and includes a news feed. The template is set up with six installable demo home page versions. After studying many financial websites, the developer has created one of the best financial-themed sites. The template is also mobile-responsive.

Financity — Top WordPress Template for Business and Investments

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Financity

The Financity website template belongs to the category of templates that are ideal for creating a Forex site. Everything is ready for the placement of trading-related content and analytics. It features a colorful design in a business style, fast page loading, modern fonts, and many images of business people in suits, cityscapes, and more. The sections of the site are designed in a cohesive style.

Multibank — WordPress Template for Financial Businesses

Multibank is a WordPress template for financial businesses such as brokerage, Forex trading, banking, business consulting, personal loans and credits, credit cards, finance, and insurance. The Forex template provides all the financial tools that clients are accustomed to using (e.g., a trader calculator). Multibank includes over 70 premium widgets, convenient post blocks, and comes bundled with the Adon Premium Elementor plugin, which allows for creating pages with stunning and unique designs.

Cyberbank — Investment Company Template with Impressive Illustrations

Форекс-шаблон WordPress - Cyberbank

The Cyberbank template has a high rating of 4.2 out of 5. It includes the Addon Premium Elementor, 70+ custom widgets, intelligent template, color and font management systems, top and bottom footer builders. This template’s functionality includes 70+ premium custom Elementor widgets.

The dark and super dynamic design with voluminous illustrations is impressive. Various colors are used in the color scheme, but black and purple with a gradient are the primary colors. If you want to stand out among other Forex brokers, the Cyberbank template is what you need. Simply fill in the template with trading-related content and install it on your domain.

Loanly — WordPress Template for Creating a Financial Broker Website with Premium Design

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Loanly

Loanly is a high-quality template for online banking and credit portals, which can be used as a template for a Forex site or other investment company. The Loanly template has two home page variations, includes 20+ HTML files, Google Fonts, and cross-browser optimization. The website design is presented in a classic style. The color scheme includes colors such as white, blue, and black.  

Swift Loan — Suitable for Broker Website

Swift Loan - шаблон вордпресс для форекс сайта

The Swift Loan template is designed for all companies in the financial sector, including brokerage businesses and Forex trading, banking, mortgage companies, business consulting, personal loans and credits, credit cards, finance, and insurance.

Swift Loan has all the necessary functionality for creating a financial website for a Forex broker. The template includes the premium Elementor add-on, 70+ custom widgets, and an intelligent Installation Wizard system.

The website design is presented in a classic style. The color scheme includes blue, yellow, green, and white. The beauty of the website lies in its intuitive interface, simplicity, and style.

Stockmen — Forex Template with Interactive Financial Widgets

Форекс-шаблон WordPress - Stockman

The Stockmen template is a modern WordPress template for financial companies, packed with interactive financial widgets. Stockmen features a creative and unique design with a 100% responsive layout that is ready to use and easy to customize. The template comes with 10 ready-to-use templates and cross-browser compatibility.

The Stockmen template uses a color scheme of white, sky blue, and gray. It grabs attention with an infographic that resembles a planet displaying stock market data. The site looks very promising in terms of displaying information for a Forex broker. It allows for the placement of financial charts and a news feed.

Cash Bay — Standard Template for Financial Websites

Шаблон для форекс-сайта - Cash Bay

Cash Bay features cool animations, extensive font settings, an auto translator on the site, responsive layout, and fast page loading. The Forex template has a classic design with a dark top section and a fully light white background below. The typography of the site follows a unified style, with accents added through color. Financial quotes, company ratings, and other financial indicators can be included. It is a reliable choice for a Forex broker.

Payday Loans — Lightweight Template for Forex Website

Форекс-шаблон WordPress - Payday Loans

The Payday Loans financial template has a charming design and fast loading. The WordPress template design is presented in a classic style, with modern and minimalist typography. The registration form on the homepage looks solid and eye-catching. The menu icon illustrations are colorful and interesting, giving a creative touch.

Pylon — WordPress Template for Forex Website in a Classic Style

Вордпресс-шаблон для форекс - Pylon

The Pylon WordPress template is specially designed for credit-related businesses but can also be used to create a broker company website. You can customize the colors, typography, footer, and header of the site. Pylon is compatible with all browsers, has a built-in calculator, and allows for banner placement and a frequently asked questions section.

The website design is of high quality and well thought out. The images of people in business attire and the menu icons are very concise and monochromatic. The sections of the site are designed in a cohesive manner. The developers have succeeded in creating a very original content container.

Consultax — Template for Creating a Forex Website with a Well-Structured Page Layout

Шаблон для форекс-сайта - Consultax

The Consultax template has good reviews and a rating of 4.33 out of 5. It is specifically designed for financial companies such as Forex businesses, consulting firms, or cryptocurrency-related projects. The Forex template is mobile-responsive and comes with all the necessary features.

The website design is executed with a combination of blue, gray, and light blue colors. Although the design follows a classic style, it looks quite interesting. The headings stand out prominently in the typography. The site is designed in a professional style, and every element aligns with the overall concept.

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Fionca — Forex Website Template with Business Style

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Fionca

The Fionca template has a rating of 4.36 out of 5. It offers two home page variations and over 10 options for inner pages. After installation and activation, Fionca allows for easy importing of demo data from the admin panel. It is fully SEO-optimized for faster performance. The best coding practices ensure that the templates load quickly and are more search engine-friendly. The theme uses the reliable Redux framework, which makes theme management more accessible and faster.

Lendiz — Balanced Color Scheme on the Website

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Lendiz

The Lendiz template provides many options for customizing the design and structure of the website. The well-designed slider includes a four-layer animation, adding a unique touch. The moderation and balance present throughout the template will engage visitors and convince them to become clients of a financial broker.

Investment — Advanced Management Options for Forex Template

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Investment

The Investment template has a rating of 4.75 out of 5. With this template, you can easily customize the content of each page. The developers provide a detailed knowledge base for the themes. Investment includes a large collection of custom widgets that provide even more content management options and advanced social media capabilities.

The website design features interesting images in the slider with a rainbow gradient effect. The overall color scheme is very unusual.

Monyxi — Well-Chosen Colors, Page Structure Suitable for Forex Website

Форекс-шаблон WordPress - Monyxi

The Monyxi Forex template uses a color scheme of black, yellow, and white. It offers both light and dark themes. The main image on the website features animation with moving constellations. The clickable menu elements can attract the interest of traders and keep them engaged on the site.

Lymcoin — Template for Financial Website

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Lymcoin

The multi-functional WordPress template Lymcoin is compatible with all browsers and includes the GDPR Framework WP plugin. It provides options for color and typography customization and is responsive for mobile devices. With WPBakery Page Builder, you can easily change the content of any page.

The bright website design looks very modern. The color scheme includes yellow, white, and blue. The site loads as you scroll, reducing traffic load.

Hoverex — Forex Template with Space Design

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Hoverex

The Hoverex template incorporates Learn Press, WpBakery, and Elementor features. It is a flexible and customizable template. It is responsive and can be displayed across the entire screen width. It offers advanced blog settings such as multiple styles, flexible layout options, 20+ post animations, and a customizable blog feed. The template is optimized for better performance.

The design is space-themed, featuring realistic images of stars and planets. The sections are also designed with a space theme. The typography uses white and gray colors, with bold fonts that are easily distinguishable and readable. The illustrations overall have a financial theme. The template includes icon menus and a sidebar. Conveniently placed in a column to the right of the main image are social media icons.

Level — A Cool Template for Forex or Cryptocurrency Website

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Level

The Level template has a modern and beautiful design. It includes all the necessary tools for creating a high-quality Forex website. You can launch a new website in a matter of minutes. The virtual page builder features pixel-perfect design.

The interesting dark website design impresses with its technological feel. The highlight of the site is the illustrations of a robotic hand. The design uses black, blue, and white colors. The page loading animation does not put a strain on the traffic. This template allows for creating a modern and creative design.

bizNext — Corporate Business Website

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - bizNext

The bizNext template offers two home page layouts. The minimalist design looks impressive as it utilizes space in a highly functional way. The color scheme includes white, gray, and blue. The page structure is suitable for Forex projects of varying complexity.

Investmoon — WordPress Template with Classic Design for Financial Companies

Шаблон WordPress для форекс-сайта - Investmoon

The interesting dark design of the Investmoon template features professional animations. The classic design is evident in typography, people’s photographs, and the site’s container layout. The standout feature of the site is the footer, where a Forex broker can include a wealth of information, such as links to social media and two types of useful menus. The page loading is fast. The sections of the site are designed in a cohesive manner.

Roverst — Forex Template with Elegant and Dark Design

Roverst - шаблон вордпресс для форекс сайта

The elegant and dark design of the Roverst template is suitable for a cutting-edge financial company. The page loading animation does not strain the traffic. There are pages specifically designed for a Forex website, including account types, financial contracts, today’s analytics, and information about the brokerage company.

How do I choose a template for a Forex broker’s website?

Choosing a template for a Forex broker’s website can be a challenging task. Not only does the design need to be attractive, but it also needs to be functional and help attract customers. Choosing the right template is crucial in creating a successful site.

When selecting a template, consider the following factors:


  • Trading pages: Ensure that the template allows for easy creation of pages with trading platforms, currency rates, and charts.
  • Information pages: Include information about your company, team, and benefits of working with you.
  • Educational materials: Offer articles, videos, and webinars to educate clients on how to trade in Forex.
  • Support: Provide access to FAQs, contact information, and other resources to assist customers.


  • Professional: Your website should exude confidence. Choose a sleek and stylish design that reflects your brand image.Cleanliness and simplicity: the navigation should be as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.
  • Adaptability: the site must display correctly on all devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Other factors to consider:

  • Ease of use: ensure that the template is understandable even for those who are unfamiliar with WordPress.
  • SEO optimization: help the site rank higher in search engine results.
  • Developer support: provide assistance in case of any issues or questions.
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